Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day two!

Wow 2 whole days in a row!! :)   I woke up this morning sore.. but I've been that way since Saturdays race.  My quads have been punishing me for days now so yesterdays strength + run has not helped them let up.  I also may have overdone it on the glute extensions yesterday.. my ass HURTS.. so do my hamstrings... I figure tomorrow my triceps and biceps and abs and chest will change from the light ache I feel today to that overwhelming sense of "accomplishment".  Oh well.. PUNISHMENT IT IS!!  I deserve it. 
I had an "EASY" 4 mile run today.  The training plan I am following defines easy as between 65% and 75% of your max heart rate... or as a run where you should be able to talk the whole time.  This means that 4 miles is dragged out over a long period of time.... not my favorite type of run.  I'm more of a quicky kind of girl.. ;) I put in the harder effort in order to get finished faster.  I figured I would hit my lovely treadmill and watch Nip/Tuck while I ran.  I've never seen it before but had heard I might like it.  It definitely helped the time fly by.  Thank you Netflix! I couldn't help thinking about tomorrows run... a tempo run.. 40 minutes... where I actually have to push my achy body... and I had to stop and remind myself to:
 take it one day at a time
For anyone who has no idea what the Ragnar Relay is, it's a 188.2 mile team relay.  There are 12 people on my team and over the course of approximately 30 hours, we will each run three legs.  I am runner 3, which means I run two 5 mile runs and one 8 mile run.  I signed up for a zillion reasons.  My MILS pancreatic cancer, a goal to accomplish, and to be part of a team.  I love feeling accountable to others... so here goes.  Day 2 is DONE!  Wish me luck for day numero tres. :)


Moi said...

Good luck pumkin. You can do it!!!!

Elise said...

Glad to know you are 'back'. Love it. You are an animal! Inspiration...I need it! I weighed in this morning and was down, so that is good! I'm happy to have your entries to read!

Inspired said...

You are my hero! :)

-Erin Prom-