Sunday, November 29, 2009

Girls Night Out

We have been crazy busy getting ready to move and have finally become OFFICIALLY moved to another state. I am excited for the upcoming weigh in. It's been a rough month for me... but I managed to stick to my smaller portions and survive even during the "eating whatever is left cause we aren't going to the grocery store till we move" phase. Last week I got to go to a girls night out. Just for fun.. I thought I'd post some pics. The first one is the first girls night out we did for the competition. This pic is AFTER losing 14 lbs the first month.. (So this is from 2/09) I'm the one all the way to your RIGHT with the butt crack cleavage..... too funny!! This is from the other night.. I'm the one being bitten! ;o) notice the plunging neck line and the lack of cleavage.. umm.. from butt crack to nothing? What happened to the happy median? LOL!! We were at a twilight party.. so much fun!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


My 3 year old has always told me I'm fat. He can't even comprehend what skinny is. I too have never really understood the word. Seriously... the word bony makes way more sense but skinny implies an excess of skin right? I mean truly... how can skinny be synonymous with thin?
Guess what?? I totally get it now!!
[Click on these images to get the full effect!]

Friday, November 20, 2009

Society's double standard.

[Steps up onto Soapbox.]
I have noticed a trend recently that has been pretty frustrating for me. It is something about our society that will forever drive me insane. No one ever told me I was killing myself when I was gaining weight yearly and shopping in the plus sizes. The flip side? As I lose weight and get to a very healthy weight range, I'm starting to get "comments." Comments about how thin I am. Comments when I pass on eating sugary foods when with friends. Comments from family about how I have got to STOP LOSING or I will be skeletal. Comments from "well meaning" people who are "worried about me."
WHAT? Are you serious? Here is the double standard. I EAT all the time. I don't need comments from people because I don't eat junk food. Seriously... do you think people are thin because they eat whatever they want?!? NO WAY!! SO... in an attempt to not be a hypocrite.. this letter is for my friends.. who I love.. who I worry about!

Dear Friend:
I LOVE YOU!!! I hope that this letter will prove just that. See, when I was 200 lbs, no one mentioned it to me. I know that I KNEW how big I was but I don't think I really GOT it. I had no idea how much life I was missing, but when you know better, you do better... and I'm doing better. Every time you feed your emotions, or snack obsessively, or just put things in your mouth without thinking about it, you are hurting yourself. I think you already know this. Overeating for me was always a form of self-loathing. Whether I knew it or not at the time, I was punishing myself... for not being what I wanted to be.
I was always looking for the easy way out. A quick fix. Guess what? Changing your life by changing what you eat isn't nearly as difficult as society would have you believe. Exercising is not just good for you, it makes you FEEL good!! I have lost 80 lbs in 10 months. It wasn't any harder for me than anything else I've done in my life. To be honest, it was almost easy.
The mental strength that comes when you push yourself is priceless. The feeling of joy when you realize you DO HAVE CONTROL... is something I can never describe. The thought that when you walk in the room, people notice (and not because they are talking about how big you are) is really amazing.
Stop punishing your body and your health by eating CRAP! Get off the couch and move a little. Don't be afraid to push past your limits. Don't worry that you CAN'T!! YOU CAN!! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE STANDING IN YOUR WAY!! Change your life now... because you ARE WORTH THE EFFORT!!! And you DESERVE to feel good about you!!
Your friend,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My hubby's pants!

Okay.. so most women are smaller than their husbands.. this has NEVER been the case for me. I met my husband through a friend. She set us up and let me know before the date that he is "REALLY REALLY SKINNY!!" So.. I met him and married him and well.. he's never been more than 112 lbs. No really... 112 lbs. I actually have never apsired to be smaller than him. I just have known that 112 lbs is pretty ridiculous.

Okay... so today I was in a hurry to get out the door. I grabbed some jeans off the floor and realized they were my hubbys. I thought WHAT THE HELL and pulled them up. I was amazed when they not only went OVER my thighs... they actually buttoned with ease! HOLY COW!! (I admit that my husband wears all his jeans way low and always with a belt!)

I can wear my husbands size 28 jeans!!



Sunday, November 15, 2009

A week in the life of....

This week has been kind of insane!! We have known for a while that we would be relocating for my hubbies job but found out last week that we would be moving an entire month sooner than we had anticipated. Last week was filled with looking at houses, traveling, signing leases etc. We also had to race home to put on a wedding for my hubby's brother! SO CRAZY!!
I did have a fantastic time with Elise in Colorado. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Ellura and Sarah! It was so fun to get to know them a little better. It was also fun to KNOW that I was being watched each time I put something in my mouth. I was very good at eating my 5 meals a day and getting my water in. I think I'm down 2 lbs since last weigh in. Not a ton but I am excited to think that I will be in the 1-teens at the end of the month. We actually will be moving the weekend before the weigh in. I hope I survive it all!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

1/2 Marathon!!

Elise, Elllura and I participated in the Heart Center of the Rockies event yesterday. The weather for this thing could not have been more perfect!! My hubby and BIL were able to come out with all 7 of our kids in tow! (4 are mine 3 are Elise's)
The 1/2 marathon had a different start point then the other races... so I was standing at the start line kind of alone. I met a girl as I was looking for the start line and we talked a little while we waited. At a break in our conversation I looked around at all the people standing there and sighed. She asked if I was getting nervous and I tried to think of how to share all that I was feeling at that moment. There I was.. standing among all of these athletes, all with very healthy fit bodies (and most of the women without boobs just like me!) It was actually quite overwhelming to think of where I started, and where I am now. To be among all of these healthy people and fit in quite well. :o) I also learned as I waited that the 1/2 marathon was accurately measured and WOULD be 13.1 miles. I AM SO GLAD I heard that before the race... it would have been so had to push that extra .6 miles if I hadn't known they were going to be there! My hubby took a few pics along the way. It was really just great to have the support!! Here are a few pics from my journey.
This first pic is just after mile 3. I look a little mentally challenged because I was prepping to throw the gloves and hat that are in my hand at my hubby AND.. the first 3 miles were actually very mentally challenging. It's HARD to run for 3 whole miles and know that you are not quite 1/4 of the way there!!

My hubby actually met me at mile 5 with some water and a "GU". It's this weird jelly sugar stuff that is meant to give you immediate energy. Elise is really good about using these and really thought it would help me. I'm so grateful I had it. If nothing else it gave me a mental boost. :o) I ran the next 5 miles without seeing anyone. My hubby had gone back to the finish line to see Elise finish. I was feeling awesome around mile 9 when I checked on my forerunner and saw that my average pace over those first 9 miles was 9:25!! YAY!! It would have been hard for me to lose 4 and a half minutes in the next 4 miles so I was confident I would achieve my goal!!! Elise met me between miles 9 and 10 with more gu and ran with me for a while. It was great to find out how she did and to listen to her encouraging words. Elise has ran a couple of these 1/2 marathon things... so fun to have support from someone who really knows what I'm going through!!

This one is at mile 10! Thus the ten fingers... LOL!!

Right after mile 10 my hip decided to let me know it hated me. We are talking sharp, horrible pains shooting through my hip. I was so frustrated!! I thought about this blog and all of you girls who KNEW I could do it and was like "THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I AM BLOGGING I DIDN'T FINISH THIS RACE!!" I figured that if I can have babies naturally... I can run 30 minutes in pain!! The last 3 miles were a struggle. HOWEVER... I was able to see my family one more time at mile 12. It was just so great to see everyone and Elise is so fantastic at being encouraging. I gave my boys high fives! Mile 12 is definitely a great boost to anyone!!
(If you click on the pic you can see the sign I wore while I ran... it says: "I'm Kari! (Cheer for me!)) I crossed the finish line knowing that I had met my goal. I actually was nervous those last 3 miles that I might actually LOSE the 4 and a half minutes I had earned in the first 9. Luckily... I only lost about 2 and 1/4 minutes in my pace and finished with a PR (and virgin) time of:
An average pace of 9:46!! Goal met!!! I must admit that I was really not able to bask in the glory. My hip is not happy!! I'm not sure what is wrong with it but I've already hit the chiropractor. I actually have a serious fear of stress fractures... hmm... everyone pray I'm just a big dang baby and I'll feel better in a couple of days!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Half Marathon, here I come!!!

*WARNING: The following is literally the ramblings of an over active mind, right after a cup of coffee. Be ADVISED.. it might not make any sense AT ALL!!!*

Okay.. so before I go off on how excited I am... I just want to say [for the record] that I am slightly disappointed. The 1/2 marathon I am doing on SATURDAY (!!!!!!) does not technically meet 1/2 marathon requirements. It happens to be .6 miles shorter than an official half. BAH!! I have decided that because it's my first and my goal is a pace... I won't miss running that extra .6 miles anyway. ;o) My goal is to run a pace of UNDER 10 minute miles. I have NEVER done this on a run longer than 10 miles but GEEZE!!! If I can do it for 10, I'm going to make this body do it for 12.5. I have thought about changing my goal to a slower pace, but in my heart my goal will always be to run it in 125 minutes SO.. that's what I'm going to declare it to be! ;o)
I am SO EXCITED to get out to Colorado and run this thing!!! I'm also EXCITED to get together with a few of the gals in the comp who happen to be in Colorado!! Last I heard there will be a total of 4 of us at the event.. entering in 3 different categories. YAY!!
I must admit that while I'm really excited, I am also apprehensive. I honestly don't really "get" the elation that people have when they finish these things... I mean, if you've trained properly than you've ran the distance before... so what makes it different when you get a fancy t-shirt to run? I hope to experience some great THRILL when I cross the line BUT... I think my body will be too busy hating me for me to be thrilled. I LOVE running 8 and 9 miles, those are my favorite runs... but when I run 11 and 12 miles, my body gets pissed! It seriously punishes me. I suppose I should be grateful it does what I tell it to, even when it doesn't like it! Mind over matter... ain't that the truth?
I'm also really excited that this run is sponsored by Heart Center of the Rockies. I really don't get overly personal on this blog BUT, my dad had a major heart attack at the ripe old age of 53 (and a weight of a whopping 185 lbs)! We are talking a quin bypass surgery that later resulted in a collapse of some of the grafts, which resulted in stenting, which resulted in a huge mess. Bottom line, I have GOT to take care of my body and my heart. Every doctor my dad has ever come in contact with has told him that his heart disease is genetic (as well as poor diet) and well, I want to be around for my kiddos. When I started my weight loss journey, my resting heart rate was between 110-120. Right this second, after a cup of coffee, my heart rate is 80. I know that running is a fantastic way to keep my heart healthy...
On another overly personal note: We will be moving out to the area this half marathon is in in the next couple of months! I'm very excited to scope out the town I have picked for my family to live in and to walk through some houses that could be my new home! YAY!! Can't wait to get to Colorado!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

To answer your question

So.. Moi asked what exactly changed in me that made me decide that I was not okay with my weight. The answer seems incredibly complex and I'm not even sure if I know exactly what it was BUT... here is an attempt to answer your question!
In December I decided to join WLW . I had a previous client who founded this company and had mentioned it to me! (He managed to mention it without implying that I desperately needed to lose weight!) I got on and really didn't know what I hoped to accomplish from it! It wasn't until Nicholette mentioned she was doing a weight loss competition that I thought HEY.. I could totally do that!! I AM INCREDIBLY COMPETITIVE. AND... I am a SAHM who does not contribute financially to my family at all. I thought it would be a fantastic way to kill a few birds with one stone. I love the biggest loser and I knew I had enough to lose, to win some sweet moula!! (In my best Kip voice!)
I named my blog FINISH WHAT YOU START!! Because, I have never finished anything. Seriously.. I've started college like 6 times and only managed to finish one semester and that was before I had kids. I had "tried" to lose weight in the past but never wanted to do enough to actually see a change. I really wanted to prove to my DH that I could follow through with something. I realized when I started talking about the comp that my husband had absolutely no faith in my follow through abilities. I also understood that he was justified in his lack of faith. I chose the URL "thin for my boys" because I really wanted to save my boys from the embarrassment of having a "fat" mom! And my hubby from the embarrassment of having a "fat" wife!! If I could change the url I totally would... but.. I couldn't now. Regardless, I do not want to be thin for my boys anymore. I want to be HEALTHY for my boys [I have 4 sons and one hubby.. all included in the boys!] and thin for me!
I did not set out to lose 75 lbs. I just set out to win!! I set out to lose 14 lbs, 10 lbs, 8 lbs... whatever the goal was for the month. I never ACTUALLY thought about what it would mean to be thin... or to ever lose such a large amount of weight.. but I did think about how awesome it would be to win money, AND to prove to everyone who's faith in me had expired that I COULD DO IT!! I think above all else... I had to prove it to myself!
I remember when I got to 50 lbs lost... I looked back and thought of all the crazy things I had never even thought about that were now my reality.... you can read that post here! Now I'm at 75 lbs and holy geeze... who would have thought it was possible? I HONESTLY DIDN'T!!
I committed to finishing the competition when I started it and to finish strong. That was all I wanted to prove to myself. When I got to the end, "finish what you start" took on a whole new meaning.
Nothing is the same. What motivated me in the beginning is completely different from what motivates me now. I set out to prove it to myself. That I COULD START AND FINISH SOMETHING. Now... my motivation is honestly inspiring other people. I realized a while ago that I have a lot of blog stalkers. People who linger but never comment... who look to me to see that it can be done. I know that if I fail.. I fail all of these people who believe in me... and hopefully are starting to believe in themselves because of my trials/failures and successes.
So.. in answer to that first question: What changed is ME! I stopped giving up on myself. I stopped making excuses and FINALLY put value in myself.
And last but not least...
I Stopped "trying" and resolved to DO IT!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thank you October!

October has come and gone and it has been very good to me!! [I think the threat worked!]. This month I have focused on eating 5-6 healthy meals a day AND drinking lots of water. I have NOT counted calories, or really tracked what I've eaten BUT... I've been very careful to eat healthy and am getting closer to having a completely "CLEAN" diet!! I've also been training for my half marathon NEXT WEEKEND!! WAHOO!!! I'm excited to report I'm down 8 lbs this month!! 6.13% YAY!!

Here are my before and afters. The befores are from the start of the comp so you are seeing 2 months of progress.

My plan for the future is to get some toning going on!! Bring on November!

Oh and one more pic cause Melissa just put it together for me and it's kind of wild to see!!
10 months.. no gimmicks.. If I can do it... ANYONE CAN!!