Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So.. I met this guy in the park the other day.. well actually he was invited there by Brandy and I think he came with pinning me down in mind.  That's right.. multi-level marketing.  Every multi level marketer in the universe tries to get their claws into me.. even today at the DMV... random strangers couldn't help but give us a sample of their product.  I'm sure this has to do with the fact that my husband and I make a fantastic comedic team in odd public places.  ANYWAY... this guy sells USANA.  Apparently they are fantastic nutritional supplements... blah blah blah. 
So why the blog entry?
We were talking about nutrition and I was talking about clean eating, healthy choices etc.. and he says to me: "It sounds like the diet and lifestyle that you promote might come across as extreme to some people.  Usana has this "renew" plan that is a much easier transition... you know.. you eat NOTHING but our shakes and bars for a week to detox." 
WTF?!?!?  This is the thing.. he was totally right.  It's way easier to sell people on starving themselves for a week then to sell them on eating plenty of fruits and veggies and giving up sugar.  Go figure!
If you are interested I'm going to start selling meal replacement shakes...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So.. I've come to realize lately how our societies NEED to have everything NOW has dramatically increased our nations obesity rates.  Seriously.. fast food?!? What could be better... I'm hungry!!  Feed me now!  I'm not going to lie.. if there was a drive thru window that served squash, with chicken.. seasoned to perfection and sauteed with just a tiny bit of PURE VIRGIN OLIVE OIL... I would SO live there.

But as much as fast food is contributing to obesity with its GINORMOUS portion sizes and huge amounts of processed carbs and saturated fat... another huge culprit lurks in the shape of FAD DIETING!!
So here's the deal.  We want to lose weight and we want to lose it NOW!!!  When our new healthy lifestyle doesn't turn over big numbers we want to throw it out the window and take diet pills that make us poop our pants.  It's ridiculous/frustrating and INCREDIBLY unhealthy.. but we do it anyway.. because WE NEED IT NOW!!  The sad thing is.. when the fad dieting turns out to be too hard.. or too expensive.. or we've pooped our pants one too many times... WE GIVE UP!! A year later we decide to try again.  This time we are the same size, maybe even a little heavier and once again our INSTANT weight loss scheme proves to be too difficult and we prove to ourselves that weight loss is IMPOSSIBLE. 

So here's my point.  You know that year... that went by between trying one fad diet and another... in that year, had healthy living been adopted... YOU COULD HAVE REACHED YOUR GOAL!!  I mean honestly, sticking to healthy eating for an entire year is going to yield you BIG numbers.  SOOO.. even though  taking an approach which requires you to make permanent changes to your lifestyle means you must be patient.. it also means that you are changing the way you live.  YOU STOP DIETING... and you start living. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Moments to remember!

Remember back in February 09 when I posted this 
(click on the link to read the entry)! 
Anyway.. I was thrilled to actually BE the weight on my drivers license!!  175 lbs. 
Well.. I have yet to get a new drivers license.. I know lame right?  So the other night I got all dolled up for a hot date with my main squeeze and went out with my bro and SIL.  After hitting a yummy mexican joint we headed off to walk up and down old town Fort Collins and decided to stop off in a couple of bars just to see what they were.  The first bar we went to the bouncer was an AHOLE!!  He actually commented on the fact that he was an ahole... the next bar we went to the bouncer looked at my I.D.  He was READING numbers etc... he looked at me and actually looked me UP AND DOWN!!  I was a little embarrassed (and tipsy) so I said something like, "I lost 80 lbs last year and haven't got a new license!"  He looks at me and says, "You look @#$ing AMAZING!" Um... Thank you bouncer at Octane 100!!  You made my night! ;)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

30.... OY!

So.. yesterday I celebrated my 30th birthday.  I've been having a really hard time with the idea of being 30.  I'm not sure WHY!!  I mean seriously??? 30 is like the peak for women!  Go to any running event and the female winners are always 30 something.  I've even heard women peak sexually in their 30's!  This is supposed to be like the best decade of my life... but.. Jimminy Cricket... 30???
So.. maybe I had a little freak out BUT... I decided to get a nose piercing the other day! It wasn't a spur of the moment decision.. but I wonder if it's some sort of "oh geeze I'm 30" crisis?

Regardless of whether or not I look like an idiot... I kind of like it! ;) 
Work has been interesting!  I've been meeting a lot of people and trying to get the word out there that I exhist, that I get it, and that I sincerely want to help people find success in adopting a healthy lifestyle!!  I had my first team weight loss small group training class yesterday and I actually had one person show up!!  I'm so excited to see what happens tomorrow with the class.  If I can get 4 people there each time, it makes it "financially" worth it.. but honestly.. if I get one person there.. it's still one person I'm helping and.. that's kind of why I'm doing this right?  I really do LOVE meeting people who are genuinely interested in not just weight loss.. but weight loss for LIFE!!  The nice thing about being in a health club is that the people there GET that exercise and nutrition are important... anyway.. it's fantastic and slowly but surely, I'm going to be a HUGE success!!
The new comp started and it's much smaller than the last one!  This is FANTASTIC because we can have a closer knit group of people.. but kind of a bummer because we just don't have the ZILLIONS of dollars we have when we have a ton of people.  I actually threw around the idea of joining just to be the 20th person but honestly, the batteries in my scale are dead and I keep forgetting to go to walmart.  I weighed myself yesterday... I'm right around 125.  I'm good with that! :) 
I'm excited to see this group of people kick some booty!  I LOVE helping people succeed.  Good luck to everyone this time around. 
If you are a blog stalker who maybe has questions you would love me to answer, feel free to email me @ kariscomp@yahoo.com OR find me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/karilynn.adams .  Till next time! :)