Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Body fat %

Hmm... today I took off to the gym after a very rough night. I couldn't sleep... it was like the night before the big field trip. I kept waking up and thinking.. it's probably 5.. I'll head over! WRONG!! It was 1:26, then 3:42 then FINALLY 5:12.
I know it seems lame to be SO excited about a body fat percentage test BUT.... I couldn't help it. Last year I was at 40% body fat. This means that 80 lbs of my 198 lb body was FAT!! BLAH!! Today I weighed in at 22.6% body fat! WOW!!! The trainer who was doing the test looked at me and was like... "You are at a VERY good place here! Anything you do from here is totally for vanities sake!" Why THANK YOU trainer lady! I APPRECIATE THAT!! ;o) This number means that I have 26 lbs of fat distributed throughout my body. Much better than 80.. but still kind of creepy! ALTHOUGH.. according to trainer lady that is FANTASTIC! SO... this comp [at the gym] ends in 2 months. I have no idea what is REALISTIC but... I would love to weigh in at under 20%. This requires a lot of strength training and I figure... P90X CAN deliver if I push myself hardcore... so... I'm in it to win it! [Well.. not to win the competition BUT the top 50% get a free months sauna pass!!] I'm ready to BRING IT!!! :o)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little things!

This week is destined to be FANTASTIC!! It's my 4th week of p90x which means I'm not really doing any resistance stuff and I "get" to do YogaX twice. 2 weeks ago I was cursing the stupid thing but last week I forced myself to get through all the vinyasa's and realized that it's not SO bad! ;o) Yesterday I did yoga and almost sort of enjoyed it. ;o)
Tomorrow is the "Weigh in" for the comp at the gym and I'm SOOOOO STOKED to get my body fat %. I am, of course, a little nervous but.. when I started this journey I was around 40% body fat! I'm HOPING that tomorrow I will be below 23%! I'm going to wake up at 5:30 and head over to the gym so look out for a crazy percentage tomorrow! OY!!
This weekend also marks our 10 year anniversary and we are going to be getting away WITHOUT kids for about 40 hours! This is HUGE and we are so grateful to have family only 40 minutes away who are willing to take on all 4 of our amazing, rambunctious boys! THANKS LES AND ELISE!!
At some point this week I WILL get out and get a sexy outfit!! I'm really excited at the prospect and this is also why I am disappointed that cleavage is not an option. BUT... I know my husband will love taking me out all steaming hot! SO... I promise by Monday of next week there WILL be a pic of me in my little anniversary outfit! CAN'T WAIT!!
I'm still spinning 2-3 times a week and enjoying it! I'm excited to start training for another half marathon soon, although I'm still not sure what event(s) I'm going to do. I really want to go out to Illinois and run on May 1st with Andrea but... I just don't know if that will work out. I'm toying with the idea of doing a triathlon this summer but... I really am not a swimmer... so... we shall see! I AM planning on doing the WARRIOR DASH in August!! This looks way too fun to pass up! I also heard about a relay event in Colorado... IT looks awesome but I have NO idea how to find/join a team. Maybe I can MAKE a team!! Elise, Sarah, Robyn, Kira, any of you Colorado girls up for it?!? ;o)
Okay.. enough rambling.. I better hit the dishes.
Hope you are all having a fantastic week. We are in the home stretch for this month so BRING IT GIRLS!! 10 days till our first weigh in! WAHOO!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

UN inspired!

Today I'm feeling BLAH! It's been a BLAH week. My life has just been BLAH! I'm missing my family more and more. Having NO ability to have a mental health day is getting to me.
I missed Spinn class last Wednesday because one of my hubby's employees leaned on a "safety rail" that was NOT properly installed and fell 3 stories into a six foot trench. (Umm... so basically 4 stories.) [He is still in the hospital but talking and walking. He has a few broken ribs, a broken clavicle, bruised organs and a collapsed lung.]
Friday I went to meet Brandy at the mall and my Land Cruiser "overheated". While at the mall I ATTEMPTED to purchase a bra that gives me cleavage! I walked into Victoria Secret and said... I NEED CLEAVAGE!! They brought out the big guns in size 32A, and 32AA and low and behold... it cannot be done. I have officially lost enough boob to make it virtually impossible to have cleavage... (Although I've been inspired by mythbusters to give duct tape a try!!)
After our venture I called my hubby who told me to leave the Land Cruiser there and luckily, Brandy had room to drive me home because as it turns out... THE HEAD GASKET BLEW!!
All of this has put added stress on my hubby which, then adds stress to me!
In the mean time... we have just recently had this big "reflection" and have decided to be BETTER to our children and each other... so amongst the stress, I have been putting forth a huge effort to be a better mom and wife. My DH has ALSO put forth a HUGE effort!!
Today... I am drained. If I were home [in Utah with my siblings], I would get my hair done, maybe my nails, get out and buy the outfit I'm so desperately longing to find, (I want to get a sexy outfit for my Anniversary night out on the town)... BUT... because I have no family, I have no opportunity to get out without my little guys in tow... and OBVIOUSLY that defeats the purpose! ;o)
Today I'm going to a MOPS group (where my kiddos get to go to the nursery) and tonight I have Spinn! Hopefully these 3 hours without kids will help my soul (and cure my headache!) For now... I'll remain robotic and uninspired! BLAH!
PS... I totally didn't eat any chocolate and you can't prove otherwise! ;o)

Friday, January 22, 2010

A day in the life of...

I've had a few girls ask me about what I eat/or ATE when I was losing weight. First of all.. they are one in the same! ;o) I EAT better now than I did when I first started losing because I've learned ALOT along the way. I thought it would be fun to post a sample day for anyone interested!
2 cups of coffee with sugar-free vanilla creamer. ( I KNOW... It's a splurge!)
Omelet- 1 whole egg, 2 additional egg whites, one t olive oil, onions, mushrooms, fresh garlic, spinach. Whip it up and enjoy. (Sometimes I add chicken to this!)
Mid-morning snack:
Marathon protein bar! YUM!
Chicken sandwich: 1 sandwich thin, lettuce, onions, 1/4 avocado, cucumber, sprouts, 2-3 ounces chicken, a slice of pepper jack cheese and 1 t Italian dressing.
Afternoon snack:
2 cuties (little oranges) 60 calorie string cheese, 15 almonds.
VARIES. This is usually just a healthy version of WHATEVER.. this week I've had:
Quinoa Hawaiian haystacks, turkey taco salad, chicken Alfredo over squash, whole grain chicken enchiladas, squash/chicken, I just kind of eat a normal DINNER with a whole grain twist.
Evening Snack:
I do NOT always have one UNLESS I've worked out. In this case I eat a fruit. (Just trying to get some complex carbs in after a major workout!) I also will add cottage cheese if I have any.. If I don't I end up with more string cheese usually!
When I'm having the munchies in the afternoon I am in the habit of popping a bag of popcorn. Once again it's an opportunity to mindlessly eat but with few calories and technically still whole grain! ;o) When I'm approaching the TOM... this happens very frequently. I also tend to brew more coffee at this time of day and have another cup or two.
This is just a sample (basically it's what I ate yesterday!) I do have lots of other suggestions and a list of 200-300 calorie meal ideas if anyone is interested. :o)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is that a muscle??

Okay... so I'm like 2.5 weeks into P90X and I AM seeing muscles that I haven't seen in a very long time. Yesterday I was teasing my boys and flexed.. then I flipped my wrist and WOWZER.. IS THAT A MUSCLE? We were laughing so hard that my boys decided to make a movie. Here is a fantastic 10 second video of my amazing muscles! ;o)

Of course.. after this my boys had to try it and their muscles were much more defined then mine.. but in my defense they are skinny little children who do gymnastics! ;o)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not an expert.. not a public speaker...

Okay.. so the class.. was... umm.. well... AWKWARD! I just wasn't really sure what they wanted from me. I was asked to talk about NUTRITION.. not NUTRITION and weight loss. But I have a hard time not talking about weight loss EVER because... well.. it's kind of ingrained in my head. I'm always trying to reach "that one person" who might actually need the support I'm happy to give and well.. I got all nervous and veered off topic and really skimped on the topics that are SO important to me.. like NO SUGAR and the EVILS of WHITE FLOUR... I just would make eye contact with the wrong person and think.. Um yeah.. that person thinks I'm full of it.
[Side Note: this was for an enrichment meeting which means women don't necessarily come because they are genuinely interested (though some definitely were!), a lot come just to get out of the house or to see their friends. Had this been a room full of "women who WANTED TO LEARN PROPER EATING FOR A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE"... I wouldn't have been so crazy!]
So, while my presentation was not as flawless and perfect and filled with "duh" moments as I was hoping for... the evening was DEFINITELY worth the effort. AFTER the "classes" it was mingle/eat treats time and I had the opportunity to talk one on one with several women who were excited about my story and their own health goals/journeys!! (By several I mean >10!!) I gave out my blog url and encouraged women to check out YOUR blogs! You are all INSPIRING others EVERY DAY!!! Hopefully our "support other losers" list will be growing and we can all continue to succeed in our goal to become a healthier version of our own AMAZING selves!! The best thing about a competition being THIS BIG is that there are more opportunities to build relationships and realize that WE ARE NOT ALONE!! WE are all in this together. Everyone is fighting their own battles and in general... our struggles are not entirely unique. It's fun to find people who share the same hard times because we are able to build strength to overcome together!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Water=healthy heart?

Hmmm.... I've been going to spinn class for a few weeks now. My hubby purchased a heart rate monitor for me and I've been taking it to class. My heart rate has been kind of out of control... like up to 189 during spinn. Well.. yesterday I worked HARDER than I've ever worked before and... hmm... my heart rate was never above 161!! WOW!! The only change has been water.. and yesterday I drank 130 ozs!! OY!! I made it my goal to drink 100 ozs a day but I decided that water consumed during exercise didn't count towards that goal. Yesterday I had 2 workouts.. p90x and spinn.. so I drank an additional 30 ozs. It was actually kind of awesome cause after class I was watching "Interventions" with my hubby and my eyes were watering! ;o) He went to tease me for crying and I just said, "Honey! I've drank 130 ozs of water today. I can't help if it's pouring out of every pore!!" He actually laughed!! BWAH HA HA!! I'm hilarious!

Monday, January 18, 2010

H2Oh my!!

So... water challenge?! Interesting... I wonder what brilliant mind thought of that? LOL! Let's be honest guys and gals. I KNOW that water is liquid gold and, well... I've been slacking in the water department. This challenge is MUCH needed in my life so I hoped to bring it to others as well. I love Debbie's post... "about not taking anyone else's word for it" because even when you do the research you find that HOLY GEEZE... why have I been depriving myself of this all my life? We hear all the time that we should drink 8, 8 oz glasses of water a day... but I don't recall ever being told WHY it is so important. If you want a great blog entry of all the very important info on water check it out here. Yesterday I managed to drink 110 ozs of water!!! I felt much fuller and I slept awesome last night... WEIRD!!

Tomorrow I am giving a presentation on Nutrition. The cute lady in charge put this on the flyer:
Class #1: Tweak your diet.
Whole grains, natural foods, less sugar.
Learn how to make small changes for a healthier diet.

Hmm... so, I've been planning this thing for a while but am still NOT sure what the crap I'm going to say. I mean, we all know that nutrition is incredibly contraversial! (Hell we can't even talk about drinking water without getting a zillion different opinions.) I keep telling myself I need to be true to this ad... but I get that thought in my head that everyone will blow me off as a crazy person and take NOTHING from it. (Ask Lisa, people do that to her ALL THE TIME!) I'm concerned because another person will be talking about exercise and apparantly she's been losing weight recently with her new found love for exercise. We all know I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I believe it is IMPARATIVE to lose weight correctly and I exercise at LEAST 5 times a week. Building up muscle tissue helps you burn fat faster and absolutely aids in weight loss BUT... some people take exercise and use it as an excuse to eat LIKE CRAP, then they wonder why they aren't losing. And for whatever reason, exercise seems so much easier to add to a life then eating healthy... people just aren't willing to give up comfort foods. BAH!! The other issue is that this thing is about New Year/New You. Both of the presenters have recently lost a considerable amount of weight. Still, it isn't my intent to tell people that they aren't good enough if they are overweight. On the other hand.. that's why I've been invited to present. I printed up my progressive pic and put it in a frame.

I Hope this is appropriate... but yeah.. I went to this MOPS group the other day where this lady gave a schpill about weight loss and the people in charge kind of freaked out because they felt like she was giving a message that people "would be better" if they lost weight. OY OY OY!! Then we get back to my issue with people giving skinny people crap for eating healthy but not mentioning to overweight people that they are KILLING themselves when they are shoving their 6th slice of greasy/sicko pizza in their mouth.
Oh well.. today is the day I will get my presentation all together. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


This morning I headed to the gym early (I had a spinn class) so that I could OFFICIALLY become a member. I had been missing the manager and had questions for him so I hadn't actually got around to doing the whole membership thing until today. SO... he's doing all this computer stuff as I stand there and this gal who was probably something like 5'2" and 180 lbs was standing there asking the HORRIBLE sales girl questions about joining the club and doing the competition. She wasn't positive that she was joining the gym YET but she was really interested in the comp. (PS.. I SIGNED UP FOR THE COMP!!! YAY!!!) I couldn't help myself. First she was asking about the Body Fat percentage calculations (because they have a health and wellness/nutrition place that charges $89 to do an BF%, eval and give a nutrition plan). I leaned over and said, "It's part of the $10 buy in!! You get it calculated TWICE!! That's why I'm signing up for the comp!" She was really receptive to me and was asking questions about buy in versus how much you can win. Her mom was there with her and telling her that if she wins she would win WHATEVER money was in the pot. Once again I chimed in and said, "I won almost $900 last year losing weight." She looked sort of confused and asked something like "really?" I mentioned that I had lost 80 lbs COMPETING... and that COMPETITION really kept me going. She asked for proof (well... she was just like "WOW!! Do you have a pic? I can't even imagine!")... like I should carry a fat pic in my wallet LOL!! Anyway... I hope that she will be inspired to join up. Because any step to a healthier life is a step in the right direction! Oh to be a personal trainer... or a fly on the wall who can just offer HELP to gals who are looking for it! I am tempted to get a shirt with a fat pic of me on it that says something like... "I TOTALLY GET IT!! ASK ME!! I WON'T CHARGE YOU FOR ANSWERS!!!"
I think people lose great opportunities to help others when they are so caught up in working the front desk that they forget that they are working in a place where they can change/inspire lives DAILY!!! Hmm... maybe I should get a job there! ;o)
As for my days. Yesterday I did Leg/Back and today my ass hurts!! YAY!!! I love when my glutes are sore!! I'm getting plenty of exercise but pretty much eating WHATEVER... well.. I mean whatever that is in my guidelines. Tonight we had Hawaiian haystacks with quinoa instead of rice!! YUMMY!! It's kind of fun that I've gotten so good at WHAT I EAT that I don't have to think about it anymore. Like I eat whatever is in the cupboard because everything in the cupboard is good for me! INSANE!! [I should mention I've been at this for a year and I have very RECENTLY arrived.]
Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend.
And now... Kenpo.... too bad I'm totally uncoordinated! :oP

Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's been a really long time since I've gone to the grocery store with a "list" of foods I need to buy. Today I was able to get out with only the 2 little guys and I kept looking at my list and thinking.. "sheesh... I haven't even gotten anything" as I went up and down the aisles. (I'm in the habit of going down EVERY aisle.) So I'm almost to the end of all the aisles and it hits me... Umm.. MOST of the stuff on this list is produce and meat!
Wow! It feels so awesome to not have a list of freezer and boxed items to feed to my family. YUCK! It amazes me that I've eaten crap like that my entire life! SO glad I'm moving on! ;o)
I also got a cookie recipe from a friend to make cookies for my hubby. It was pretty funny that I had to buy a few basic ingredients (like brown sugar and crisco) and the best part was that when I got home I realized that I didn't have any BLEACHED WHITE FLOUR to put in them. It's just not something I buy anymore... Luckily I was able to get some from a neighbor...
AND... I hate p90x yoga... any of you hardcore girls know what I could substitute it with? My life is just too busy and crazy to attempt to "clear my mind" for 92 FREAKIN MINUTES!! Any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lesson Learned

Yesterday was Plyometrics.
Plyometrics=jump training
Yesterday was Laundry day.
Laundry day = no clean clothes that fit.
Plyometrics+clothes that don't fit=
Jumping up and down while your pants are at your ankles. OY!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New day!

I was talking to a friend today about life and it's ups and downs. She told me that I need to worry about today. Like work really hard today to make today a good one. (She mentioned that as things get better I can focus on making weeks, months, or even years better!) It was a lot of fun talking to her.
So.. today I'm moving on. Looking forward. Here I go. It's a new day to be a new better me. :o)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today has been a crazy fun day!! First I went to Spinn with a teacher I've never seen before. She was really big on resistance and kicked my butt!!! After class I came home and loaded up the family, we headed out to town and I was able to finally get a BOSU ball!!! YAY!! I was surprised to see a HIGH QUALITY Bosu ball at Target. I knew it was going to be expensive and actually the $99.99 price tag was cheaper than what I've seen. I threw it on the cart (while my husband rolled his eyes and added out loud all the money HE has spent on exercise stuff in the last 2 weeks!) and since I was in the fitness aisle and I desperately need bigger weights, I grabbed a couple of 10 lb hand weights that were on sale.. err... sort of.. it was like $1.50 off each one so I saved $3!! GO ME!! ;o)
Anyway.. we get to the check out stand and it rings up and the lady hands us a $20 gift card. She then informs us that the BOSU ball has some special on it where you get a $20 gift card for purchasing it. UMM AWESOME!! So yeah.. it made me feel a little better about spending so much money on it... $20 less sounds much better! I've already established that it is going to completely change Ab ripper X for me. I can actually do the things without the pain in the ass if you know what I mean! ;o)
I also did Kenpo X for the first time today. I just want to say... I kind of hated it. I just am not very coordinated and all the punch combos were like watching me have a seizure... plus.. the cardio is just not my kind of cardio. It was a challenge for me to try to get my heart rate in the "ZONE" when I was having to work so hard to figure out what the hell my arms were supposed to be doing. I'm sure a couple more times and I will love it, but today.. I was frustrated mostly.
Overall.. I give this day a B+!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just sayin...

Umm.. did back and legs today... just wondering who ever thought doing a zillion pull-ups was like a FANTASTIC way to get your back in shape... err... my arms are hammered.. every freakin' P90X workout I've done seems to involve my ARMS!!! My arms hate Tony Horton... but... I can already SEE a difference in them... hmm... I see the love/hate relationship building. :o)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay.. I've done 3 days of p90x so far and thought I would share what I've learned but first.. a little about p90x. P90X is a series of workouts on DVD. It comes with a fitness guide that tells you a recommended schedule for workouts. IT doesn't advertise as a way to lose weight but as a program to help healthy/average people get in the "best shape of their life". They like to advertise with amazing before after pics of average people (some with small beer bellies) looking ripped after 90 days. As it turns out.. my goals are no longer a number on a scale but have switched to a body fat % so getting ripped is kind of my thing right now! ;o)

Anyway.. what I've learned so far is that P90X only gives what you put into it! You could do the program and not have fantastic results.. you really have to be willing to yell at your TV.. push yourself... do 3 more when you are screaming I'M DONE!!!

Basically what I'm trying to get to is that I have kicked my own butt when it comes to my back, arms, chest, shoulders.... but umm.. I am slacking on the Ab Ripper... cause.. well... someone told me that people don't ever want to hear this but... my butt is gone and it HURTS to balance on my frickin' tail bone!! So.. here is my wish list:

I need bigger weights for sure! My friend Kari says her hubby will look for me... I am too cheap to buy them at full price.. even at walmart so I'm constantly checking secondhand shops for them!

I have decided that the BOSU ball would end my whiny tail bone issues. I am pretty sure I could do ANYTHING that the stinkin' ab ripper asks of me if I had a ball to sit on!!

I also really want a weight bench... really.. they are just incredibly functional for training purposes.. even if they are just a huge step up... someday.. I will have one of these badboys... ;o)

Okay... my dreaming is over... on another random note. (THIS WOULD BE THE YAY YAY YAY thing). I went to the gym to officially join today cause I plan on going to spinn 3 days a week. While there I saw that THEY are having a competition. Of course I know I won't WIN BUT.. it's only a $10 entry fee, the prizes are based on BODY FAT PERCENTAGE and the top 50% get a FREE MONTH OF SAUNA USE!! I figure that all I'd have to do to be in the top 50% is do what I'm already doing (P90X) and it's an opportunity to have an accurate measurement of my body fat !!! For only $10! SO.. I'm totally joining.. it's only like a 2 month thing but seriously it ends at the end of my first p90x series.. by then I will be RIPPED BEYOND BELIEF!! ;o)

Tonight I have Yoga X and Spinn class!! I CAN'T WAIT!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weigh in!

It's day 1 of the new comp and why am I SOOO excited? Well.. 2 days ago I did my "sample pics" and I weighed in 3 lbs heavier. I was kind of feeling sorry for myself but weighing myself today made me realize that I didn't actually gain 5 lbs!! 2 just sounds much better. BRIEF EXPLANATION: I have an IUD which makes me generally not have periods so when I have them.. I don't really know what to do with myself or how to deal with the bloating and blah blah blah and I happened to have my first one in a while this week. Anyway.. yay!! I only gained 2 lbs during the holidays. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;o)

And here are my P90X before pics!!! They actually tell you to take these 6 poses. Promise I wasn't just having a bikini photo session in my basement! ;o) I'm just going to say that when I looked at the pics after the fact I realized that they weren't nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I even mentioned to my husband that they really weren't scary and he said "were they supposed to be?" and I was like YeS!! Holy geeze it's ME in a frickin' BIKINI... he just rolled his eyes and said " and you say you don't need a boob job!" Poor guy is a boob man and well... notice the lack of cleavage in this size SMALL bikini! Oy!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home Gym!!

Kay so this is really not as cool as you might be thinking it is but it is OH SO COOL TO ME!! My hubby installed/rigged me a pull up bar. I also have resistance bands that are hanging in the pics. The TV is a must since my workouts are going to be p90x for a while. I still want to get a weight bench, bosu ball and MUCH BIGGER WEIGHTS but for now... I'm stoked and READY to start this new exciting adventure in fitness! Wish me luck!! ;o)

This one is my attempt to do a pull up. I really pulled myself to this position from being straight up and down... I was impressed! ;o) Oh and PS.. those are one of my pairs of size 3 jeans!

This is the tv with the weights and yoga mat and junk. My husband did a lot of rigging electrical stuff since there are no outlets in the basement. He also bought me a floor pad cover thing for the ground! LOVE IT!!

And here is the "pull up bar" and the resistance bands! I was thinking I would modify my pull ups with the resistance bands but now I may not have to because of the bar. We will see how much I can handle! ;o)
I also have my treadmill down there... we'll see how much I use it! I still plan on getting a gym membership so I can do the spinn classes. It's totally worth the money to me!
OH.. AND I took the bikini pics. They weren't QUITE as scary as I thought they would be... but... I think i'll save them for now! ;o)
Can't wait for this new adventure to start! I am OH SO READY TO BRING IT!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still here!!

CONGRATS to Angela, Elise and Robyn... you gals are amazing and I LOVE that you all lost more than 17% of your weight in 4MONTHS!!! HOLY GEEZE!! And of course.. congrats to everyone who started and finished the last comp. Even over the holidays we managed to lose weight. Seriously.. we're AWESOME!!
And thank you Melissa and Tammy for throwing it together. You girls have inspired so many women (directly and indirectly) to lose weight and you really deserve a pat on the back! LOVE YOUR GUTS GIRLS!!
Kay.. pretend this is a new entry!!
Sorry.. I've been slacking! I'm really kind of crazy getting everything ready for the new comp to start!! I was driving home from Utah yesterday and didn't even weigh in! Don't worry... I'll be posting my weight on Tuesday. I'm hoping that now that I've started my period... the gain won't look SO GINORMOUS!!
Today my hubby took a zillion steps to get our basement ready for me to bust out my mad skills with my new challenge... P90X. I also went to Target and bought a [ugh it hurts to say this outloud] bikini . AH!!! I can't believe I said it! ;o) I do not plan on EVER being seen in public in it... but... I think that considering that P90X is about building muscle... I would get the best pics if I went all out and squeezed into an itsy bitsy teenie weenie (hot pink and black striped) bikini! I am debating whether or not I will post the pics on here... I think I might wait till I get the 30 day results... so as not to SCARE others!!
I am also trying to get a few more pieces of equipment so I can start training in my basement! I might even take a few of my friends on as clients... for fun... experience and the ability to kick peoples butts! I am planning to certify as a personal trainer this year... but the experience is kind of tricky as most of the programs are like online based. SO.. if you are in COLORADO and want a TRAINER for whatever you are willing to donate.... Call me!! ;o) ;o)
SO EXCITED TO START THIS NEW COMP!! So excited for the roster of peeps who have signed up! Seriously... there is some mad competition in this place... crazy women who are ready to REALLY CHANGE THEIR LIVES!!! YAY!!! Love it!! :o)