Monday, September 5, 2011

Ready set go!

It's been an interesting month.. between finals, my new job, and my boys being home for the summer life has been busy!!  I also got shingles right after finals.  And I went to the Dr. and started on an anti-depressant.... I am trying to take back control of my life.  About 2 weeks ago I decided that tough love is the answer!  I got online and signed up for a half marathon and have been RUNNING again! :)  I figure either I will train and lose weight or I will run it out of shape and attempt to not die!  Either way.. I'm running the race!  I managed to get back down to the weight I was in July and so.. I am officially in this month.  To be honest.. I need the money... :)  Money is quite a motivator isn't it? 
Okay... really... I'm serious... I am going to get into the 120's this month
So... I need to make goals and DECIDE to do it.
#1 -  No sugar. Period.
#2 - WATER WATER WATER!!  AT least 80 ozs a day.
#3 - NO ALCOHOL!! 
#4 - 5 meals a day. 
#5 -  RUN!!!  At least 4 times a week!  Walk hills 2 days a week.
#6 - Cancel gym membership... total waste of money!
#7 - NO EXCUSES!!!
I am going to make a print out of this and put it all over the place!  My fridge... my school binder... the bathroom mirror... anywhere I will see it.  I know it's important that I remind myself daily. 
Now... WHY?  Why do I want this?
#1.  Because it's getting cold and I don't fit into any of my pants.
#2  Because being small is an advantage in flight nursing.
#3  Because I want to be an example of healthy living for my children.
#4  Because I miss feeling "cute".
#5  Because I want to feel in CONTROL of me.
#6  Because I love me when I am exercising.
#7  Because life is way too short to spend it wishing for something more.
I'm serious!!  It's on!


Mindy said...

I love it!!! Great idea... thnk i'll do the same thing.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Lori said...

hey are you not on fb anymore? I got info/food plans i wanted to send you. if not i will email ya.

Great post, im starting back running this week too, after a few months off for a planter fasciitis.

Shirlene Alusa-Brown said...

Your skin looks GREAT and you did a fantastic job. Thanks for being an inspiration to me!