Thursday, September 8, 2011

School days!

I am just starting my 3rd semester of nursing school and can already tell that this semester is going to literally kick my ass!  In previous semesters there has been a lot of tests and little assignments.  This semester.. I get BOTH! 
I am actually not a very organized person... so now I have to figure out how to fit all of this into a day.  I have school 3 days a week.. (for the next 2 weeks I get to go 4!).  In the past I've done the opposite of procrastinate... like finished the assignment two weeks in advance... but in the past I've been incredibly bored with school.
I guess what I'm saying is.. I think I'm FINALLY learning what nursing school is and it's goign to be a fantastic opportunity for me to learn to balance what would normally seem impossible to a normal human being. 
On a totally random note:  The other day I was sitting next to a friend in Micro and he placed a "whoppers" wrapper in front of me.  I mentioned something about not being able to eat sugar (which was sort of ironic since he is a type I diabetic) and when I said I needed to lose ten lbs he looked at me with disgust.  It sort of baffled me.  Which only shows that my self image is as incredibly messed up as the next girl.  I also commented about going to weight watchers for a support group (because I have to attend a "support group" for psych) and the girl next to me... (whom I do not know) laughed out loud like that was funny.  So... I get it.  I'm "that" girl.  The one who isn't "fat" who people will always think is nuts for trying to be smaller. 
Welcome to my nutty brain!  :)


Spar-Mar Girl said...

You are so amazing! I can't imagine handling as much stuff as you! You are truly superwoman! Good luck with this semester and we still need to do lunch.

jennifer anderson said...