Sunday, June 27, 2010

Half Marathon

I haven't posted about my second half marathon cause I kept hoping Mindy would be posting pics that I could steal.  Alas.. she hasn't blogged in 3 weeks and I want to get this blogged so I don't lose it!

On Saturday June 12th I ran my second half marathon.  I was so excited to run it with my BFF Mindy, my SIL (also a BFF), my brother, my aunt and my uncle!!  I was not so excited about the prospect of rain or being at the pick up point at 4 o'clock in the morning!  OY!!

The half marathon course was gorgeous and my official time was 2:00:48.  (2 hours and 48 seconds!) I am so excited but also frustrated with this time because.. I wasted 4 whole minutes waiting to go and eventually going POTTY!!   I had no choice.. it was stop... or face my butt exploding!  SO SO SO NOT COOL!! (AND WAY TMI!)

I did stop my gps/timer when I stopped to potty and my time on my gps was 1:56:07 so of course I like that much better.  REGARDLESS.. my last half was done in 2:15 ish... so of course I have got to be thrilled with this time.

I'm excited to do a few more events this fall before the weather goes to pot.  I'll be doing a 10k on the 17th of July, and I'll have a weekend of events in August.  Oyster Race Saturday, Warrior Dash Sunday.  I am also doing the bareable adventure race in September and then I'm going to do the Boyd Lake State Park Half Marathon in November!!  I've decided after running the last half that I want to do that event again next year but next year, I want to run the whole marathon AND I want to run it in Boston qualifying time.. which means I have to cut another 50 seconds off my 1/2 marathon pace. 

I just wanted to write this all down... so I can never forget how far I've come, or where I'm headed next! :)
Looking forward to the next comp starting July 1st!! WAHOO!!


Mindy said...

ha ha too funny i just blogged and posted a pic~ i'll email you one now. LOVE YOU!!!

Melissa said...

You are awesome! We need some more pictures of you, I'm sure from the last time I've seen you, you look even better!

Moi said...

You rock!! It is way better to 'waste' four minutes in line than finish with poop in your pants. (Now that should be in a fortune cookie.)