Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm alive!!

Wow!! You know you've ignored your blog when you go to type in the url and it doesn't automatically pop up!!  So many small successes are happening but they all seem to be one liners... so here are just a few of the new/exciting things going on in my world!

I climbed this crazy course on the rock wall where you have to go over this ledge!  It rocked!  I felt FANTASTIC... and I looked right at my husband when I succeeded and said "That's HOT, don't lie.. I'm frickin' amazing!"  To which he did not respond.

I went on a bike ride and frisbee golfing adventure with my family and in the end we ended up on this dirt bike/ramp course thing... you know.. going up and down hills and bumps and around curves and all that stuff.  I LOVED IT!!  I actually had a couple of moments when I just couldn't believe that I was doing it!  There I was, this 200 lb woman... except I'm NOT!  NOT ANYMORE!!  I love moments when I am reminded of how far I've come and how much LIFE I've taken back!  LOVE IT!!

I've started my new career as a personal trainer.  Today is my first official session with my first official client... SO EXCITED!!  It feels so slow to start but this week I finally have my picture on the wall, my business cards next to everyone elses, my hours in the studio and an overall excitement for DOING IT!!  I love this career path.  I chose it to inspire/educate and help others and finally... I've got the opportunity!  YAY!!

I still struggle.  I struggle mostly with personal relationships with my hubby.  I still feel very unsupported most of the time but I am learning that it's really all on me.  I need to stop backing down and start asking for things I want even if I'm sure it's going to induce a tantrum.  Life is too short to live in fear of getting "that look".  I'm not over it.. but I'm getting there.

The competition ends on Saturday HOLY COW!!  I'm shocked/amazed/thrilled at the huge progress that has happened in so many lives.  I've been asked repeatedly to do another one and I've decided to go for it but this time.. I'm going to have HELP!!  YAY!!  I have a gal to help with articals to keep the comp blog fresh and a gal to just keep me on task and do whatever I need!  I'm excited to take a little break and start the next comp on July 1st.  I also think that 4 months is long enough so it will go till November 1st.  (Talk about incentive to not indulge on halloween!)  I have decided to make the buy in slightly MORE $50 and to limit the entries to a max of 30 people. 

So sorry this blogging has fallen on the backburner.  I am recommited to getting back on it!  I LOVE all of you... keep working hard at reaching those goals.  And remember "TRYING" is planning to fail!  Stop trying and do it!


Spitfire said...

I LOVE it Karilynn. Congratulations. And about the hubby, keep moving forward for yourself. Either he'll come along with you or you'll leave him behind. If he loves you he'll start celebrating your successes. I'm very proud of you. XO

Anonymous said...