Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So.. I've come to realize lately how our societies NEED to have everything NOW has dramatically increased our nations obesity rates.  Seriously.. fast food?!? What could be better... I'm hungry!!  Feed me now!  I'm not going to lie.. if there was a drive thru window that served squash, with chicken.. seasoned to perfection and sauteed with just a tiny bit of PURE VIRGIN OLIVE OIL... I would SO live there.

But as much as fast food is contributing to obesity with its GINORMOUS portion sizes and huge amounts of processed carbs and saturated fat... another huge culprit lurks in the shape of FAD DIETING!!
So here's the deal.  We want to lose weight and we want to lose it NOW!!!  When our new healthy lifestyle doesn't turn over big numbers we want to throw it out the window and take diet pills that make us poop our pants.  It's ridiculous/frustrating and INCREDIBLY unhealthy.. but we do it anyway.. because WE NEED IT NOW!!  The sad thing is.. when the fad dieting turns out to be too hard.. or too expensive.. or we've pooped our pants one too many times... WE GIVE UP!! A year later we decide to try again.  This time we are the same size, maybe even a little heavier and once again our INSTANT weight loss scheme proves to be too difficult and we prove to ourselves that weight loss is IMPOSSIBLE. 

So here's my point.  You know that year... that went by between trying one fad diet and another... in that year, had healthy living been adopted... YOU COULD HAVE REACHED YOUR GOAL!!  I mean honestly, sticking to healthy eating for an entire year is going to yield you BIG numbers.  SOOO.. even though  taking an approach which requires you to make permanent changes to your lifestyle means you must be patient.. it also means that you are changing the way you live.  YOU STOP DIETING... and you start living. :)


Debbie said...

Soooooo true! I mean crap, how many times have I tried this whole thing even since you've known me? You'd think I'd get the point already (not that I ever pooped my pants) but COME ON!!!

Jen said...

You are a wise woman! I've thought many times recently (or heard comments) about this... for example a comment about me buying a swimsuit, and how next year, I'll probably be able to buy the swimsuit I REALLY want... not ready for it yet though... and someone said 'you probably said that last year'... and I told them I DID say that last year... but I also DID it... I could have done more in the last year, but I have steadily lost or maintained, for a total of nearly 50 lbs... and I'm happy with that! I still have 30 lbs to go, and I'm not actively losing right now, just maintaining... but its amazing how much easier it is to stick to and keep this weight off, because I did it slow, making good changes! and I know the rest will come off as well. Its amazing what we can do when we finally get it!

Kim said...

Great post Kari! I've been away from blogging for the last month or so and I'm ready to get back on track, espcially since I just got home from vacation. =) Going to follow your current competition even though I decided not to join this time. Thanks for the always continuing motivation. =)

Pam90X said...

I just blogged about that the other day(pam90x). No more dieting...just healthy living! Not just food but physical activity...and just be a fun fit family. The weight loss will be a happy by product of the healhty lifestyle. I'd like to be 60 lbs lighter next year...but it will happen when it happens. I've done the ups and downs thing...no more...just concentrate on good decisions and the rest will come with time. I needed that less pressure side of it I think

Mindy said...

Karilynn, you seriously rock! That was so me for so so so many years... even after i had the knowledge to do this the right way i still wanted it to happen over night. not now... now i'm a slow and steady kinda girl but i will get there in the end... just look how far i've come!