Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 1... sorta...

 I decided to start this thing today, even though I knew that day one would NOT be the best example.  I chose this day because last night was my last shift at the hospital. I got home at 7:30 this morning and slept until around 11:45.  This of course means the day looks a lot like a big mess... and I spent most of it on the verge of exhaustion.
Regardless.... todays (VERY BAD) example is:
12 ozs of coffee with 2 packets of truvia and 1 T milk.
One orange
Two 70 calorie string cheeses
One small chili from Wendy's with cheese and onions
One half of a half cobb salad from Wendys
probably around 40 ozs of water
Lots of things were wrong with this day.  I did NOT consume enough calories, I didn't drink enough water, and I didn't exercise (although I did do a lot of walking/shopping today! ;) )
Tomorrow will be a normal day.  Hopefully the blog will look much better tomorrow evening.
First thing in the morning.. I'm hitting a treadmill class at the gym! YAY!!!

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