Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I moved. 
 I got a job.
I have been eating crap.
I have not been exercising.
I have gained 7 lbs in 2 months. 
Yesterday was the last day of my job.
(My AMAZING Mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so I resigned from my job to be home to support my family!)
I have a gym membership.
I have a plan.
Starting TODAY!! 
I am going to lose 10 lbs in one month. 
I am going to exercise at least 5 times a week.
And record all of my activity and everything I eat on this blog DAILY.
I am going to get back to my healthy way of life.
I'm hitting the grocery store and stocking up on produce and protein sources.
I'm going to drink 80-100 ozs of water a day!
I'm going to start feeling AMAZING again! 
Starting weight 132.6!  First thing after I woke up from my last graveyard this afternoon.  THIS IS IT!!  UGH!!

I would love comments!  The more people I know are reading, the more motivated I am.  I love feeling accountable.  Like somehow I'm making a difference.  I love proving that things that seem impossible REALLY ARE possible.  So.. hold me accountable.  :)  ONE MONTH!!  In one month I will be back to 122 lbs or less!  WOOT WOOT!


Heather Brown said...

I am so rooting for you!!!! You can do it. Don't worry I will hold u accountable! U held me accountable!!

Lori said...

Yeah im so excited, especially after i found your blog and you havent blogged in a while. I started my journey on Sept 25 and i weighed just what you did 194.2. I havent done as well as you especially this past month, my grandmother was in the hospital and then passed away and i just kinda slipped out of my eating clean. At your point in 3 months you where down to 163 and im down to 173, so im still kinda hangin in with you. But i will love to see what you eat and do during this next month. I know you can do it and i will be here for support the whole time. Good Luck.

Kristi said...

I am there with you! I've kept my weight off this entire time, but this Fall with my busy photography season i gained 7 pounds as well and WILL take it off also! I am starting January 1 because I'm out of town until then for the holidays. It's easiest for me to go 100% full force, so that's why I'm waiting another week. I can't wait!!! I feel so blah and out of control. Can't wait to exercise and eat right again.

So....good luck. I know you can do it. No seriously. That's not a pep talk. It's a factual statement. You did it before. You've always succeeded in the past 2 years with anything pertaining to weight loss and healthy living so I KNOW you WILL do it. Go for it! Can't wait to hear how much better you feel. Ditto for me too.

littlemisspretty said...

Go you!! I am game for a little competition too. So, tomorrow morning I will weigh myself and go at it with you. 10 pounds in one month.
Care to share your workout plan/eating plan?

kayla. said...

you are an inspiration!! i am reading and following along :)

Vicki said...

Having a baby and not eating right... I am way off the wagon. I will keep checking on you... I am with Kristi, January is my start and then I need to lose 25 lbs...

Amie said...

I stubbled along your blog from Bob's facebook...just to let you know, I AM SO EXCITED THAT YOU ARE BLOGGING AGAIN:) I am right there with you...however I seem to slide right back into my old routine only after a couple of weeks...I started out at 195 and in just one week I lost 10 lbs...then I thought I could keep doing good with eating like crap! NOPE...I have gained 2 lbs back!!!! So I am grateful for you to be blogging again!!!! And yes you can totally do this...and WE ALL are here to support each other:)

Shawn said...

here to support you in your current effort. You can do this. Sounds like you are focused! Keep that focus and you'll do fine!