Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1000 Miles??

I've been trying to find some sort of goal/focus to get me back on track.  I would love to do another Sprint Triathlon this year and plan on doing another half marathon in June, but I've been looking for something to do right now without much luck.  A friend of mine posted something on her facebook yesterday.  Her goal for the year is to run 1000 miles.  That's a little less than 20 miles a week.. and it sounds BRILLIANT to me!!  I mean really.. why the heck not right?  How fun to keep track of every mile I run with some long/shortterm goal in mind. 
1000 Miles?  Sounds like a plan! ;)

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Mindy said...

Know what I think. I think it's time to kick that fat girl to the curb because she doesn't exist anymore. Not in reality, only pictures and stories. Keep those around of course because they are great teaching tools but other than that tell that fat girl to hit the road. ;0) You got this girly, after everything you've been through, you can hold your head up high and break into the new year with all the fire and gusto you possess! I can not imagine there is anything that you can not overcome. You're amazing! Also, school will be great because you're great at school and for the record: I HATE stupid people too! :0)
love you!