Friday, July 1, 2011

Having a plan

I weighed in this morning.  I was surprised that I haven't GAINED weight.  (Although I have GAINED a ton since my lowest number this month!) I ended the month with a small loss.... of.... drumrol.... 1.6 lbs. BOO!! 
Oh well.
June is gone.  July is here and I owe it to ME to kick July's ass!!  Instead of going off the old premise of "I already know how to do this, blah blah blah" I'm going off a new PLAN!!  A guideline.  Something I WILL stick to and remind myself of daily. SO... here goes.
I'm going to drink AT LEAST 80 ozs of water a day!!
PORTION CONTROL!! (on special occasions I will not pass up on food... but I will NOT allow myself to overindulge.  Everything must be cut at LEAST in half if it is against one of the above rules.)
EXERCISE!!  (Guess who hasn't done ANY exercise since Ragnar?) 
I intend to come up with an exercise regimen that involves running, biking, swimming and lifting. I will post that fancey schedule by Monday and get my ass in gear.  I MISS the gym... but I also don't have the same type of gym here... (they exist but a family pass at the community center seemed like a better choice for the family.)
Okay.. next month I'm going to at least FEEL AMAZING!!  Even if I'm not down 13 lbs... :) Good luck to all of you!!


Vicki said...

Me too. July is gonna be our month. I would like to start running on the trail in the a.m.s but just not alone. I am thinking of listening th books while I run and not just music. Lets make a plan and start working out together! Love ya!

Wendy said...

Holy SH*^%^. I actually BEAT Miss Karilynn this month? I'm sitting here in shock.

Angie said...

Sounds like we had the same kind of month. I was so proud of how much I had lost when we left on our vacation... I even packed veggies and fruit; ate lettuce wraps rather than sandwiches; and lots of other good choices. My inability to do much exercise because of severe bleeding did me in, I think. Plus, I am wondering if I had a ton of water weight from traveling, because some of the gained pounds are coming off fairly quickly.

Good luck on the month, and definitely post your workout!