Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay... I have lost like 3 lbs. I guess I should be really happy with that... but I feel like it's so slow! I want everything to just fall off. I have a hard time with my points, I feel like I have way too many. I just want WW to work optimally for me. It's hard because I am nursing an almost 11 month old and I just don't see why I should give myself 5 whole points for a baby who nurses 3 times a day. I'm not giving myself exercise points or flex points but... IDK... I just want the weight to come off faster. It's like my goal is so reachable, but also impossible at this rate. I want to be healthy... but I WANT TO BE THIN! It's fantastic to have people tell me how great I look.. but the truth is that I'm still CONSIDERABLY overweight. Being a size 12/14 is NOT where I want to be, and certainly not healthy when I'm 5'3". Any WW experts out there who have nursed while on the program? I would love to understand the importance of eating nursing points. I keep switching around the points and changing my nursing allotment. I think I just need to figure out EXACTLY how many points I should eat and STICK WITH IT!

I am way too impatient with this.

On an upbeat note! I am FINALLY in the 150's! Geeze I swear I had to squeeze this one out. My camera is officially dead... may it rest in peace. My cell phone camera is CRAP BUT... I did take a pic with it.

I just updated my ticker and realized that I have officially lost 35 lbs! AND that I've lost more lbs than I have left to lose! BONUS! I am officially "half way". Maybe I will go to my mom's and take some half way there pics like Whitney! I just wish this had happened 2 weeks ago and I was more excited about it.


Melissa said...

I'm sorry you are frustrated! I think it's hard when you keep seeing big numbers dropping off and then it slows down! It's totally normal though!! The importance of your nursing points is to just get in that little more nutrition for your baby. I honestly think if you are nursing only 3 times a day and he gets solid foods, you might not need those 5 points. I don't know the "right" answer, but I think you should just do what you feel will work for you. Maybe try 2 -3 extra points and then MAKE SURE those extra points are fruit, veggies, nuts, or something that will give your body those extra nutrients for your little guy. I don't know. I think we all slow down after our first initial great weigh losses but I KNOW you will make it to your goal! You totally will!

Elise said...

Ok, girl. Here are my thoughts - take them or leave them. You need to celebrate. Look at what you have done, and WITHOUT backing it up with...but it's so need to congratulate yourself. Take ONE minute and just be happy with the results you HAVE. Ok, after you've done that, do it again. Really. WITHOUT the 'but' at the end of the sentence. Be happy and pleased with yourself. need to look at the big picture. IF you want this weight to stay off - which you do - you need to accept the fact that it may take longer to come off. The FAD diets work because the weight comes of fast - BUT it doesn't stay off. You CHOSE to lose weight the RIGHT way (move more eat less)so that it would STAY off!!! So, be patient. You have the REST of your life to be skinny and healthy. Try to give your body a break! It WILL take time (if it is done right) if you want it to stay off!!!
You are doing great. Keep it up. But also, keep your attitude positive. Your body will hear you being negative and will respond accordingly. Keep it up! You will be successful! Just don't get so impatient that it is a negative experience!!! Enjoy the ride! :)

Vicki said...

Congrats you are doing amazing! I am struggling to stay in the 150's lately... So knowing you have lost 35 lbs and are still going strong is inspirational -- REALLY!

Nicholette said...

Karilynn, you rawk my world! Man, the 150's is friggin' sweet. And you made a change in your eating habits, so you're body takes time to adjust. Elise said it perfectly.
On another note, you need to whip my butt into gear. Help me get going again! I'm slackin' bad and that's why I joined this group, for support. So please help me get where you are! (now I have something to aspire to! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're frustrated. Do you go to meetings? If so, ask your leader about the points. If not and you do the online only, call WW and ask someone. I think there is a "hotline" number to call with questions for people that do it online only.

Awesome job on getting to the 150's though. I know it is so hard being patient.

Good luck!

Brekke - Felt Photography said...

I understand the frustration, but I look at what you have done this far and am just in awe. I mean, you are half way there! Don't kick yourself because you are flying from my point of view and it's just great.

Kristi said...

Boy, I had some blog catching up to do!! I don't have any pointers on WW because I've never tried it. Hope it works for you and the other ladies can help. Congrats on the 150's. You have to feel good about that! And congrats on being past the half way point. You are doing so awesome!!! I like Elise's pep talk to you!!