Saturday, April 4, 2009

Woot Woot!!

So... today was the 5k! I don't think that I've ever really said how much being able to do it meant to me. When I was in high school, I ran 5k's, well... actually... I ran 5k's PRETTY FAST! (Like under 22 minutes!) I grew up in Northern California and so, when I moved to Utah, I had a really hard time running. The switch in elevation is a hard thing to get used to and I pretty much STOPPED running. It's been 12 years since I ran a 5k and although I ran it a lot slower then I have in the past, I DID IT!!
In August I had the opportunity to have a personal trainer for 3 weeks FOR FREE! I didn't sign up because I am dirt poor.. and I quit going to the gym after the 3 weeks BUT, I did sit down with the main guy (who tries to sell trainer sessions like they are VITAL TO LIFE) and when I told him that one of my goals was to run a 5k... he pretty much told me that my fat ass would probably not be able to do that for at least a year! (THANKS A-HOLE!) So, it was fun today to prove him wrong. I've only been exercising for 3 months and today, I RAN a 5k in 35:46. I RAN the whole way! And... I must admit... I am TOTALLY ADDICTED! I will def. be running the Memorial Day 5k and I might run a couple of 1 mile things in between just to do some speed training. We got all this information on local running groups and I'm excited to start having my boys run races too! I even hope that next time I run a 5k, my hubby will be running with me! (He played soccer in high school and did LOTS of running! ;o) )
Thank you to (in alphabetical order) Ethan, Melissa, Nicholette and Rochelle who all joined me in this exciting adventure. It was so fun to have the support of each other. Can't wait to see the pics we got.. we all looked so hot in our best "running while it's snowing" attire! ;o)

Last night was a lot of fun! It was neat to get together with the gals who could do the last minute girls night. We got to reminisce on our childhoods and hear lots of great songs from the past, courtesy of Heather and Katie M. It was also AWESOME to watch Mindy take on the "stairs from hell", seriously Mindy, you are amazing! ;o)


Melissa said...

You did GREAT Karilynn! I'm so glad that actually decided to do it even though I was not prepared! It really IS fun huh? The people, the cheering a long the way! It's all fun! Good for you for proving that guy wrong!

Vicki said...

I am so happy you proved that trainer wrong... I bet he wouldn't even recognize you if he saw you now...
Congrats on running the 5k and so glad to hear you want to keep doing more :)