Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Personal Training?! :)

So... I have been pretty sure for a while that I want to become certified as a personal trainer. I've got some good feedback from people who tell me that I am a perfect candidate! There are a few things that make me really want to do it!

#1- I love helping/motivating people... and I absolutely value having a personal trainer. There is nothing better than having someone on your side who KNOWS you can do it.. even when you aren't so sure!

#2- I've been told that I have an advantage in the industry because I've "been there". We'll call it a "relatability factor" that some trainers don't get. Not fair to them... but when people look at their trainer and say.. "you don't know how I feel..." many of them don't. But.. I GET IT!!

#3- Becoming a personal trainer increases my odds of keeping this weight off FOREVER!! Who doesn't want that?!?!?

AND SO!!!!

I enrolled in a certification program! I'm SOOO excited and by May I will be a certified personal trainer. In the mean time, I'm going to attempt to take on "practice clients". I'm gathering up a few more items so I will have all the equipment I need to train people in my basement! SO SO EXCITED!!! I'm thinking that next week I will start experimenting on my friend Kari. Bwah ha ha.. what a brave soul. Between now and then I need to make up an awesome waiver about me not knowing what the hell I'm doing! ;o)


Debbie said...

Way to take yourself to the next level. I'm so proud of the achievements that you've made!!! WTG girl!!

If only you didn't move so darn far away...I'd be a client for sure. :)

Samantha Thomas said...

Now that's modvation to keep it off while also doing something you love!

- said...

You know you got me in line....> If we can manage with the 4 little ones. So if you're doing this in your house do I really need to join a gym???

Moi said...

Yeah!!! You are fabulous and would make a kick ass personal trainer. I wish I could be your test case.

Spitfire said...

I so totally get where you're coming from. Awesome goal getting. You are totally going to rock the personal training thing. WOOHOO! I'm so stoked for you, especially since it's something that I'm passionate about as well.

Kristie said...

You are so motivating. This is perfect for you!