Monday, February 15, 2010


Hmm.. life has been a lot of fun lately. We've been doing a lot of things as a family. My husband got a new bike and I got his old one (which I LOVE!!). The personal training program is coming along AND I got a NEW HEART RATE MONITOR!!

I'm super excited about it! I love that it's pink. Kind of an inside joke but basically, since I have four boys and I'm the only one in my house who has the opportunity to "wreak of feminine beauty" I generally buy A LOT of pink! ;o) I am taking a Spinn class twice a week (starts tomorrow!) that is about cardiac health and how to USE the heart rate monitor. I'm sure this is a topic I will get into in my Personal Training certification.. but I'm really excited for the opportunity to learn more about heart health, fat burn zones, cardiac health zones, etc... WHILE exercising!! I'm also excited to announce that I've made it through ALL OF THE CHAPTERS ON ANATOMY and physiology which means... I'm into the chapters on the actual science of exercise!!! I'm so excited to learn how to develop exercise programs for clients and to assess their needs and help them overcome obstacles! YAY!! I'm concentrating strongly on my posture. It's SO IMPORTANT for overall strength and CONFIDENCE. Yesterday we were grocery shopping and I totally felt like PUKING.. but I walked around wal-mart rockin' my pecs.. it was pretty dang funny! I am enjoying reading your blogs. The 2nd month is always harder than the first. The weight doesn't come off the same and it's easy to lose motivation. Just don't lose MOMENTUM!! Keep working towards your goals. :o)


Jessica B said...

I am so glad darin in having fun with you guys!!

Alison said...

I'm jealous of your pink polar watch. I have a black, very unfeminine looking one. :) You're going to be a great trainer!