Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perfect Week...HERE I COME!!

So.. today starts the perfect week challenge and I am ready! I went to 3 different stores yesterday (Sams, Sprouts, Walmart) to prepare myself to be perfect with my food!! I'm really excited to have a perfect week... ESPECIALLY since I've been dealing with bloating and a less than abundant supply of foods I feel good about the last couple days.... So I am PREPARED foodwise to do well... I have slipped on the water as I've increased my coffee intake SO... I'm limiting my coffee intake. SERIOUSLY one cup of coffee a day! THAT'S IT!! (This would be down from like 6 cups a day!)
Exercise will be easy for me.. as it is very integrated into my life. I've got dates with Brandy MWF @ 5am and dates with SPINN class TTh @ 5:30 am and Saturday @ 9 am. My husband fixed my bike trailer/double stroller yesterday so I'm hoping to use that as an excuse to get out and run a couple miles today. Got to try it out. ;o) In general... I DO NOT EXERCISE ON SUNDAYS!! I continue to work on posture. It's a big deal... I don't want to be hunchbacked forever... and I do want to get optimal results from my workouts.
I want you guys and gals to know that this it totally possible. I actually believe that there were months (ESPECIALLY April) that I had an entire perfect MONTH! It's about focusing on your goal and making up your mind to get there. GO FOR IT!!


WeightWatcher Mama said...

my perfect week is starting on monday ;o)

p.s. are you still doing the P90X?

Jewel said...

Yay for perfect weeks! Planning and preparation and 90% of the battle and you have that down pat!