Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend was ROUGH... not because of anything I did... but because someone very close to me has decided that I need to know how incredibly selfish I am.
Why am I selfish?
Because I go to the gym in the mornings and I cook meals that are healthy even if people don't like them.
Being selfish....
that used to be one of my excuses.
I couldn't take "time away from my family" to get to the gym.
I couldn't buy produce that was just going to go to waste.
I refused to leave my husband home with the kiddos... to avoid him getting frustrated...
INSTEAD.. I sat around my house and got fatter and fatter... until I was 200 lbs and couldn't take it anymore.
Now... I'm healthy, thin and active and apparently SELFISH!! Here's the difference though.
I don't do this for me.. I do this to be around for my family. To be an active part of my childrens lives. To be a happier/healthier wife to my hubby. I feed them healthier food because I LOVE THEM!! Someday maybe they will see it... for now... I'll just be selfish... because honestly... all I want is to keep them as long as possible and I suppose... THAT is selfish!


WeightWatcher Mama said...

girl......i'm speechless! i'm not sure if this someone watches the biggest loser, but i know by watching that these people who have gained so much weight and are now changing thier lives for the better are not selfish. they were selfish in their previous ways. being so overweight that you can not take care of your family is selfish (playing with your kids etc). not showing their children the correct foods to eat is selfish, when they know better. not taking care of your body so that you are around as your children grow up is selfish. you are far from selfish kari and YOU KNOW IT! you ROCK! BE PROUD!

Spitfire said...

WOW, some people are just plain every sense of that word. What goes on in peoples mind boggles me sometimes.
You know what? Say it loud and say it proud "I AM SELFISH!" Because you want a healthy family, totally selfish. Because you want a healthy YOU, selfish. Because you want to be a good role model for your kids, selfish selfish and selfish. CHECK! So, go with it. Let those unselfish, ignorant people just live their lives in denial and move on. Stupid people! Sheesh.
It's so.....idiotic it's sorta funny, and sad at the same time. Let's see whose life is happier and healthier, and maybe, someone might decide that they want YOUR brand of selfish. Ha!
Just keep on keeping on girl, like WWMama said, You Rock! xo

Samantha Thomas said...

Damn right you should be selfish!!!
Wanting to be around and your family to be around and not wanting your kids to go through the same weight struggles is not selfish for you... It's apart of being a good human being

Jessica B said...

I am sorry that you have had this kind of the week. Just know that you will reap the benefits of this one day and until then...who the hell cares! Be all the selfish you want!!!

Rico said...

Hi, Just wanted to drop in and say that I really connected with this post. It's almost like sometimes we can't win for losing, you know? We neglect ourselves and we suck. We take care of ourselves and we suck. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is whether or not we are satisfied with our lives at the end of the day. Thanks to P90X and my own desire to improve myself, I feel great now. Kudos to you for not letting one small mind bring you down.