Wednesday, May 20, 2009


SO.. since I signed up to run 10k I figured I should probably take on at least a 5 mile run. I didn't want to do it too close to race day which made today the day! I got on and mapped out an additional loop to add 1.75 miles, (cause I have a run I do 4 times a week that is 3.25 miles). I live in Harvest Hills. The important word here, "HILLS" means something... nothing here is flat SO.. I generally run at least 2/3 of my stuff up hill. Anyway.... I headed out and after I finished my normal run I headed back up the hill. I had been dreading the additional loop because it involved running up the steepest part of the hill a second time. Once I get to the top, it's always easy to come down and as I headed back down, I decided that instead of running down a really steep hill (I avoid it at all costs for fear I will injure my knee) I would add an extra 3/4 of a mile and go a different way. I had ran about 5.5 miles when I remembered my neighbor had told me that a lap around my block is .34 miles. What the heck right? So I ran the next .25 miles to my block and then ran around the block, I figured... I might as well get 6 miles in at this point! I finished in 68 minutes!!! 6 miles in 68 minutes!! It felt awesome. Can't wait for the 10k on Saturday. If I can run up and down my hills, a flat 10k course should be cake! RIGHT?!!


Carrie said...

That is great! I admire people that can run, I am not a runner!

Melissa said...

you are just too awesome Karilynn! I need to get out and run more, I just make excuses with not having time.

Vicki said...

Definitely will be cake -- it is SO much easier to do 6 in a race anyway!