Sunday, June 28, 2009

Days go by

Okay... so a few things are going on in my world. First, I ran another 5k yesterday. It was awesome... but not exactly what I expected. According to my GPS it wan't quite 5k so the time really doesn't count AND... they ran out of water.. which I thought was pretty lame. My hubby is excited that I got a fancy new shirt [for him]. I am SUPPOSED to be running a 10k next week, but I never registered because I was low on cash and now... hmm... I just don't know if I can justify spending the money when we are so poor. BLAH!

It's been our week of celebration in the city my hubby grew up in and true to form, we go to a couple parades and usually sit with his extended family. Well, Friday night we went and it was fun. No one really said ANYTHING to me about my body, shape, weight, whatever... they pretty much just ignored me like they do every year. Well.. Saturday we went to the next parade with the same bunch of them and one of his cousins went up to HIM and asked him what drug I was on! LOL!! I think it's a riot that at this point people assume I'm living on ally and veggies.... OR that I've had some kind of invasive surgery. Seriously.. people seem completely shocked when they hear the response... well... 2 drugs... DIET and EXERCISE!! No really... people seem like they think we are full of it and that I am hiding my new "secret" success tips. HAHA!!

One other thing... my weight is fluctuating a ton. I don't really understand it but my pants don't seem to notice the change in weight. Like today I'm 3.5 lbs more than 3 days ago, but my pants aren't any tighter. UGH!! I wish that weight wasn't meant to fluctuate and that a gain was a gain and a loss was a loss, it just isn't that simple is it? I must keep counting calories. It's amazing how life tries desperately to get in the way but... I'm not going to let it! BOO TO YOU LIFE!!! YOU DON'T OWN ME! ;o)


Melissa said...

That IS funny that people think you are doing something besides just right out diet and exercise! Silly people!

Tara said...

You look so amazing. I think what you have done is incredible. I haven't checked this blog in forever. Your progress pictures are so cool. I have been totally impressed. It seems like the drug thing is the cool thing these days.. way to do it the real way! I have been considering the weight loss task I have to tackle after this baby... you are inspiring!