Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moments of Weakness

Warning: While the following post is meant to be inspirational and a reminder that we are all human... it may contain at least one excuse! Please bare with me on this one:
Moments of Weakness: Okay.. so we all have them... some more often than others. Some people take them and use them to become stronger, while OTHERS use them as a pivotal excuse in never overcomng their struggles. We've all heard the saying "that which doesn't kill us will make us stronger." This saying is SO true... if you allow it to happen!
A friend of mine recently posted about her weekend of bad eating, no exercise etc. I was thinking about my own "bad days"! That's right... lately, I've been eating way off of my diet mostly because I don't have money to go to the store and get the food I need. (LAME ExCuSe I KNOW BUT I'M BROKE!!)
So while I'm sitting at my computer eating pepperidge farm goldfish I'm telling myself, "payday is Friday... until then... goldfish will be my staple. They don't have THAT many carbs and look at the protein content of these bad-boys!" What I've learned from this last little while of eating badly is that these moments of struggle are SO important in me learning about eating as a lifestyle change. We hear people say all the time that they fell off the wagon and never got back up. I would challenge every one to FALL OFF THE WAGON, repeatedly if you must. Every time you hop back on, you learn a lot about yourself. You learn how to maintain weight loss. You learn how to lose the weight gained from a bad weekend. I KNOW that if I have a bad week, maybe I gain a lb or 2 or maybe I don't lose an ounce... that if I stick firm to my "NUTRITIONAL PREFERENCES" for a week, I can make up that gain and then some. I would NEVER have learned this if I hadn't fallen off the wagon a time or two. I remember being SO afraid that one bite of that cupcake would put me completely over the edge and I would be huge before I knew it.
Is there a point to this story? LOL! I feel like I'm on a tangent. The point is that when you have a bad weekend and use that as an excuse to drive over the edge, you only have yourself to blame. BUT when you have a bad weekend and hop back on the wagon come Monday, you might be doing yourself more good than you realize! (OKAY DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A FREE FOR ALL EVERY WEEKEND!!) Can you reach your goals? ABSOLUTELY!! It's okay to have a little fun.... just make sure you keep going in the same direction and never give up on yourself. You are your greatest ally and your greatest enemy. Draw strength from your moments of weakness. Allow yourself to be human. And always remember that you are worth the effort. :o)


Nicholette said...

Amen! It's so great to read that from you. I remember when you first started I thought "wow. This girl has flipped" I was soooo afraid you were going to end up with an eating disorder because you were so stict and didn't allow yourself ANY felxability. There is no way anyone can eat like that ALL THE TIME! Even Michelle will eat "regular" food because she gets sick of eating all the same stuff. (p.s. we need to go to the gym and do weights together!!)

Vicki said...

Thanks:) It is about time I got back on :)
ps... finished my half marathon today... will post more about it when I know the official time...