Wednesday, June 3, 2009


UGH!! I feel every excuse in the book coming on. Yesterday was a bad day. I didn't go running because of the rain. ( I run in the evenings when my hubby is home.) I feel completely out of control. I think it's funny to read Katie's blog and that she has so much control. I HAVE NONE!! I'm so close to finishing this and I've completely lost my mind. I hope today will be a better day... Having the kids home for the summer + that time of the month is killin' me!


Melissa said...

Having kids home makes it HARD huh? And how in the world can you say you have no control when you have been doing so awesome? People have baby days (week, you told me yesterday). You can't always be perfect, you can't always be 100%. Give yourself credit for what you HAVE done!

Vicki said...

I agree with Melissa -- Give yourself some credit girl-- Make today and tomorrow good days.
YOU DO HAVE CONTROL -- yesterday is over :)

Katie said...

Hey it is my time of the month too...LOL so maybe both of us will have water weight...LOL. You are awesome. It will go well. Look at your before and after are doing awesome even 2 bad days wont mess up your weight focus on the now.