Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good day!

I woke up this morning and cleaned my house, did laundry AND went on a 4 mile walk with my kiddos. The older boys were on scooters and didn't complain, the little ones were in the stroller. It was fantastic!! It was a pretty good workout, and I managed to walk it in about 63 minutes. Hills and all! I even got to run the same route this evening. It felt great to be running. One thing that's nice about this comp is it gives me plenty to think about when I'm running. So overall it was a pretty good day. I am so excited for Friday to come. I thought of at least 18 more things I'm going to eat! ;o) (I PROMISE... I'm not really going to eat anything I shouldn't or in excess but it's nice to feel like I COULD if I wanted to!) So yeah. Could have been better... but could have been much worse too!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! Don't you just love it when it all works out with the kids? I do!

rochelle said...

I love it when the kids are on board with the walk. We do it every Sunday afternoon. It's pretty close to heaven for me. :) I've been thinking about different foods, too. It will be so great!