Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here we go again!!

Okay... another competition is about to start and this one is going to be fantastic. I am so excited to be competing against these wonderful women and really thrilled that you gals will be holding me accountable during the holidays. My goal is to get down to my goal weight of 120-115! (I am almost 5'3" with a pretty small structure!) If at any time I get at 115 and start to say I can lose more or if I drop below 115... you are all obligated to kick me out of the competition!!! REALLY!! KICK ME OUT!
Here's to being a big ol' bunch of losers!! :o) I see smaller jeans in the very near future! ;o)


WeightWatcher Mama said...

i checked it out. how exactly does it work? did you win the first time? i'd kind of like to know about how much the prizes are. if it's worth the money to join! does each person follow their own diet (weight watchers or something)? just wondering a few more details. thanks!

Misty said...

Im excited to join this. I really need it. I need someone else to answer to. I think this is the answer to my prayers. I owe you big time.

Karilynn said...

Lets see... we don't know how much the prizes will be until we know how many people will join. I DID WIN LAST TIME!! I also won cash prizes almost every month. I took home a total of $650 which was half of what we had collected. HOWEVER.. the buy in was $50 for that and this is only 30-40. Everyone does their own diet with the only real rules being that you CANNOT use pills and/or starve yourself. Alot of the girls are doing weight watchers or calorie restricted diets.