Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm so excited!!

It's so awesome to see more and more people joining the comp. Last time I joined this comp committed to changing my life but only really knowing one or two of the 26 women. This time it's so exciting to have a lot of my friends and family joining in! If you think maybe I'm being too harsh on someone... assume they are related. I am known for my honesty especially with my friends. It's so fun to know so many of you... it's certainly different this time around. Last time my goal was to make everyone regret letting me register late. I was determined to kick some booty!! I didn't really know anyone so I really wasn't cheering for anyone but myself, when it all began. I had no idea how life changing this really would be!! This time, I'm so excited to see this change others lives!! HOORAY for weight loss!!! It's almost time!! READY SET GO!!!

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