Monday, November 23, 2009


My 3 year old has always told me I'm fat. He can't even comprehend what skinny is. I too have never really understood the word. Seriously... the word bony makes way more sense but skinny implies an excess of skin right? I mean truly... how can skinny be synonymous with thin?
Guess what?? I totally get it now!!
[Click on these images to get the full effect!]


Melissa said...

looks like my stomach (but mine is worse!). Damn stretched skin!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

you are so brave to post those! i wonder if there are moms w/o stretch marks! i'd love not to have them!

Moi said...

Be proud of your tummy. You have four beautiful boys and should bear your battle scars with honour. You are very brave to post the pics as many of us are insecure about some part of our bodies and it may make some of us fatties feel better than even Miss Skinny Minnie has some issues.

Vicki said...

You are awesome! Did I say that after your last post?! I love your confidence and realness.

Mindy said...

you're so cute! i know you are thinking that all that skin is so crazy but it's really AWESOME!!! just one more thing that shows just how far you've come!

have i mentioned i'm freaking going to miss you SOOOOOO much? I am!

Fugal Family said...

ah, what kids and your weight going up and down will do to our poor bodies! You are brave to post. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)
Oh, and mine is also worse.