Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 1st

I tried to post this yesterday but for whatever reason the file was zipped and I was too lazy to figure out how to unzip it! LOL!! Either way... 120.8 is not a huge loss for the month and did NOT put me in the 1-teens... BUT... I'm totally good with it. It's been a crazy month and well.. you get what you put into it and 1.6 lbs of effort is about all I made the time for this month. NEXT MONTH... I want to be at my goal of 115. only 5.8 lbs to go. As long as I am able to go to the store on Friday and buy me some decent food... I will TOTALLY be there!! AND I must become reacquainted with my treadmill. Maybe if I give it a name? :o)
Congrats to all you girls who are sticking with this. I am SO SO excited for Vicki!! YAY!!! You won ALL of your money back (this comp and last comp!) and you proved to me that I'm not full of it!! LOVE THAT!!


Vicki said...

You are totally not full of it! I know for sure it is a matter of making the decision to stick to it and not give up even if your weight doesn't change for 2 weeks...
Thanks for your awesome support. Hopefully by Jan 1st we will both be at our goal weights!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

WAY TO GO! Its easy when there are lots of things going on (my october) to gain weight instead of loose! congratulations! good luck in december, even though you don't need it!

Jewel said...

Teens! So close and based on what you have done in the past I have no doubt you will get there.

As I have said many times in the are such a great inspiration and I never ever would have thunk by looking at you that you ever weighed as much as I do!

I will miss your cheerleading and motivation once this comp is over!