Sunday, December 20, 2009


Okay.. so I just wanted to publicly admit/announce that I have been slacking all around. I haven't ran since the half marathon (like 6 weeks ago). At first it was because of my hip, but as the pain went away, I never picked it back up. I've been busy doing life... and putting myself on the back burner. It's amazing that once I set myself on the back burner, it's easy to feed into excuses and let life get in the way. I'm pretty sure I can accurately state that I have gained at least 4 lbs since the last weigh in. This is not a surprise to me.. I really haven't been working out and I've not been eating as frequently or as healthy as I should be. I haven't gone crazy but... I just haven't been REALLY making conscious choices every time something enters my mouth. (My portion sizes might be a little out of control.)
Today, I decided to COMPLETELY recommit. So.. I've done great with my food and water AND I went on a 3.6 mile run. It felt AWESOME to be running again. It's been such a long time and I was actually happy with my pace and just the overall feel of it all. I am getting familiar with my new area and think I am going to fall madly in love with the country roads around me. I'm also probably going to join the local gym. (I realized 2 days ago that there is a gym in this little town!!!!) I'm going to sit down with the owner and negotiate some terms. I think it's funny when people try to lock you into contracts and then treat you like just another electronic funds transfer. I WILL NOT let them do that to me!
Tomorrow I'm going to the spin class at the gym... spin is something I have never done... they say you can burn up to 500 calories in one spin class. I am hoping to get the workout of my life and get addicted to it! This would be a cardio workout I can do twice a week that ISN'T running. :o)
I'm also getting excited for the new competition. This comp has been fun... but it's SO different when you do a comp at the beginning of the year.. when people have set major goals to change themselves in the new year. A competition over the holidays is SO hard... but I AM SO GRATEFUL that I have been able to shed my last 20 lbs even with all the holidays that have come in the last few months. THANK YOU TAMMY AND MELISSA FOR DOING THIS!!! And thanks to all the gals who have stuck to it and pushed me!
The new year holds a couple of goals for me. I'm going to run another 1/2 marathon in May (although my husband is TOTALLY against it!) and I want to do a triathlon in July!! After that.. who knows. I'm trying to convince my hubby to have one more baby, he objects strongly but maybe if I remind him how huge my boobs get when I'm prego/nursing... he can be convinced! ;o)
10ish days till this comp ends!!! I can't wait to see what happens.


Sarah said...

Well I am happy to hear you've been slacking only to know that you are just as human as the rest of us. I do know that you will do what you set your mind to and I will help you any way I can. Are you going to run the Ft.Collins half marathon?

Karilynn said...

Sarah!!! I'm going to do this in August!! As for the half, I'm hoping to go to Illinois for the 1/2 on May 1st!

Ellura said...

Glad to see you are getting back to normal life now that the big move is over. Moving out of state is a big adjustment. Looking forward to seeing you again. :)

WeightWatcher Mama said...

girl you have rocked it the past few months! be proud! i'm gonna start my 1/2 marathon training the begining of january! congratulations on all you have accomplished this year! what a GREAT year for you!

Vicki said...

Yep -- December is a rough one... I am impressed that you have recommitted. I keep putting it off until January.