Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Last night I went to a Spinn class at the little gym right here in my town!! It was my first experience with the bike and the gym and umm... I think I'm in love. The workout is fantastically intense but also requires you to push yourself. No one controls how fast your legs are moving but you and to be totally honest I think mine moved the SLOWEST of the 8 people in the class... but it was AWESOME!! I was sweating and am positive that tomorrow my quads are going to be forcing me to beg for mercy. It's DEFINITELY something I could really get into!! Just a great substitution to switch up my cardio. I'm actually not a fan of elliptical machines, they don't challenge me (even when I was 200 lbs I could jump on one of those things for 45 minutes and not sweat!) and I'm not really a fan of stationairy bikes... they just make my butt hurt... but THIS was different. My bum is only a little sore because the instructor really doesn't seem to believe in a whole lot of seat time!! Anyway.. it was a great workout.. and one that can be tailored to any fitness level. SOOOO... if you've never been... get out to a spinn class! I'm sure you will find it painful and AMAZING all in the same breath!

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Moi said...

Spinning classes are awesome. I used to go and loved it. They are great for working out.