Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love me some sunshine!

Okay.. today was a BEAUTIFUL day... I couldn't waste it so.. today I woke up and went to a 45 minute spin class. Came home, got boys off to school.. passed off the rest of my personal trainer quizzes THEN.. took my babies out for a run in the stroller/trailer. I have NEVER ran while pushing anything before so it was a little different for me. I managed to average a little under 10 minute miles for the 3.5 miles I ran "the long way" to the grocery store. I grabbed a couple of gallons of milk there and then took the short way home! 1.5 miles at a brisk WALK. I got home and actually laid on my concrete porch for a while soaking up the sun. A friend called and I decided that when my boys got home we would ride our bikes over to her house. (3.3 miles away!) So.. today, in total... I did a 45 minute spin class, ran 3.5 miles, walked 1.5 miles and biked 6.6 miles while pulling a trailer with 2 little guys in it!! Hows that for a fun day!? Tomorrow is supposed to be just as beautiful and I start the morning at the gym. I'm sure I will be taking advantage of the warm sun tomorrow as well! LOVE the SUN!!

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