Monday, August 23, 2010

7 days gone!

This past week has been sort of an emotional roller coaster.  Interestingly I was asked by a new friend something along the lines of "but isn't your husband happy that you are doing something you love?" (we were talking about my husbands frustration with being left home so I can workout) to which I responded simply "NO!" I actually felt guilty about this answer as my husband has been willing to let me do things (even though he's not happy about it).  Then DH and I were talking the other day about the triathlon and when I told him it was $60 he took all my guilt away with his response: "I love how you can justify blowing money on stupid shit!" And somehow he managed to roll his eyes and gawk at me in such a way that I nearly cried! BUT I did not respond. 
Here is my justification for blowing money on "stupid shit".
 Reaching a new goal, doing something you've never done, proving to yourself that it's possible, is worth it!! 
So I will blow $60 on a triathlon and it will be worth EVERY DAMN PENNY!!!

On the weight loss front I successfully got rid of 1.8 lbs this week.  At first I had a hard time with this number but really... if I can lose 1.8 every week for 5 weeks that's 9 lbs!!!  I have 4 more weeks before Elise and I weigh in and I'm going to keep up the hard work.  The best part of all of this for me has definitely been putting myself back on my priority list.  Oddly enough the hardest part has been the conflict this causes in my marriage.  BLAH!!

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youcandoit said...

Wow! Sorry your DH is not as support as one would hope he would be. I think what you have accomplishment is more than what most people can do in a lifetime! Congratulations! I say continue what you're doing! Stay positive!