Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Exercise and me!

So working at the gym was an exciting way to get new contacts but made it incredibly hard for me to exercise (or incredibly easy for me to make excuses).  While I've always been busy with my children, I've never tried to add work into the mix and while I did a lot of lifting while I was working there.... my cardio was in the toilet.  I HATED the cardio machines there and avoided them at all costs.  Occasionally I would hit a class and LOVE it but for the most part.. umm... cardio was out the window. 
This was also starting to reflect on the scale.  I have a "happy weight zone" 120-125 and lately I've been seeing 126-128.  I've had this weird struggle going on with this.  Like I don't want to seem like one of those pyscho skinny bitches saying "UGH!  I HAVE GOT TO LOSE 5 LBS!! "  But the truth is... when you start to get past your happy weight zone and you let a couple lbs go and then a couple more.. pretty soon you've got 20 lbs to lose etc... I feel so dumb even saying it but seriously... I need to lose a few lbs so I can stay in my happy zone.
In comes cardio.  I LOVE cardio.  I had forgotten that for a while.  I was thrilled to go back to spin classes at my little gym (I had not been because they were on nights I had to be at the other place!) So... 2 nights a week I spin and at least 3 additional days a week my ass will be running country roads!  Last night I did about 3.5 miles with a friend and LOVED it (although my eyes are swollen from the hay).  
I just went to register for the warrior dash and my heart is now in my chest.  Somehow.. since the last time I checked... the price has more than doubled.  I can't even imagine NOT doing it.. but I cannot justify spending $75 for it either.  BAH!!  I feel like such a jackass.. I just totally let life run away from me!!
I think I'm going to vomit.


Samantha Thomas said...

From one fat girl to a past fat girl... don't ever apologize for wanting to stay in your happy zone. You are a true inspiration to many of us... we all wish we could hit our happy zone and when we get there hope to have the discipline to stay there.

You got this girl!

Jen said...

I agree, dont apologize! much easier to get it under control when its 3 to 5 lbs than it is when it becomes 20 or 30 or 50! and it sounds like its been that way a few days or longer... if you told me you weighed in once at 128 and was freaking out, I might think you were nuts, but you know your body, and you have weighed enough to know this isnt a little water retention or hormonal fluctuation... so go for it! you rock, by the way :)

Moi said...

Its your life. If you want to lose 5 pounds do it. Great to hear you are getting back in the cardio swing. Work it girl