Wednesday, January 7, 2009

These are family pics from October and to be very honest... it is one of few times I have posed for pictures since I gained all this weight... which means pretty much since I had kids. I should also point out that while we were posing for pics I kept making sure someone was in front of me somehow in order to hide my huge body.... just hoping that the brown shirts would blend together. The first one is a good reality check for me. It reminds me of that Weird Al parody of Michael Jackson's "Who's Bad?"! I think it starts with "Your butt is wide, from here to there!" UGH!

This pic is more for reference for myself. I WILL get new family pics at the end of this adventure. Can't wait to not need two kids on my lap to cover the width of my body! (If only the baby were twins!!)

This one is really a hitter homer for me. I really think our smiles are genuine but I HATE this picture. My face is huge. My chins all blend together. My eyes look so small inside my big fat face. It also symbolizes me relenting to being fat. I actually posted this pic on my personal blog and facebook because I told myself I just had to admit I was fat and get over it.
I'm doing my measurements, scale and full on before pics... (although I will spare you all from bikini pics!) this morning so they should be up soon. Can't wait to shed those pounds!
My grandma told me after my second kid that I would always be fat and I should just break down and buy some bigger clothes. My husband told me recently basically the same thing. To be what I am and deal with it. But THIS is NOT who I am. I will NO LONGER accept that I can never be anything else but a fat girl.


Vicki said...

I am so with you on the family picture thing. And really, it has gone through my head before too... should I just accept my weight and stop worrying about it... but try as I may... that doesn't make me happy. We CAN do it. Let's all be strong together!

Kristi said...

Karilynn, it sounds like you really mean business! Congratulations on making the decision to make change. It's a refreshing feeling to make that decision and be in control, isn't it!? Good luck on your journey. It will be fun to help support each other.