Friday, February 6, 2009

New month... new goals!

Okay.. so only 3 weeks and 6 days till the next weigh in! Wow.. February is too short.

Here is my focus and goals for this month.
I have made some amazing changes to my diet by getting rid of starch, white flour and sugar. Now I want to really pay attention to caloric intake keeping my original changes implemented.
I also will continue to run.
I want to lose at least 10.7 lbs. This would put me in the 160's, I will have lost more than 10% of my body weight AND.... I WILL HAVE LOST 25 lbs!!
I will continue to wake up at 4:30 5 days a week and go to the gym at least once during the weekend.
Can't wait to take pics again in less than 4 weeks! ;o)


Tammy said...

hey Karilynn....will you confirm that you got the money in your paypal from me? Thanks!! You can email me at

Katie said...

Hey! Congrats. Very impressive. I wake up early too- I love getting the work out done. I like the idea of cutting the items you cut out of your diet.

Carrie said...

Way to go! I really think I need to give myself some shorter term goals, Yours are great, here's to another month!

Melissa said...

Karilynn, you are awesome!