Thursday, February 26, 2009

The treadmill and Biggest Loser

So.. we bought this treadmill about 20 months ago that I admit I NEVER used. When my dad had his heart surgery we brought it over to his place so he could use it for his rehab. My parents (and my big sis') have loved this treadmill but my husband has decided that since I'm working out now, and my parents never "bought" it from him, that it was time to REPO it! We let my parents know and they weren't too concerned because even though they still use it, the weather is getting nicer and they have gym memberships and frequent these places often.

So yesterday for the first time... EVER... I got on the treadmill and realized that it has some KICK-A programs on it. These programs are amazing! The treadmills at the gym do either incline intervals or speed intervals but don't seem to do both. MY treadmill does both! LOVE IT!! It also has a built in fan that blows right in your face. The down side is that there is no screen on it and so I am forced to watch Nick Jr. or Disney stuff while I'm running... BUT... it's awesome! I need to get some good music together and use an mp3 player while I work out. I've found that when music is fast, I NATURALLY push harder and run faster.

Totally separate note. What the HECK was the blue team thinking last night?!?! Hello... why vote off a kick-a player who can lose weight and keep an old man who averages less than EVERYONE else. Seriously.. Ron.. I love you.. but you have got to go. The blue team WILL find themselves in the bottom every week from now on. Last night.. they sealed their fate. Not only did they say goodbye to Dane, but they said goodbye to ANY chance of beating the black team. Luckily, all my faves have moved to the black team so I won't be too sad to watch them go ONE BY ONE!! I do feel bad for BOB though. I actually DO NOT LIKE JILLIAN and I think it's BS that he lost his awesome team.

I loved the lack of game play thus far but now... come on guys... play the game or your ass is grass!


Vicki said...

So great you have your treadmill home and are working it!

Also, I totally agree about Biggest Loser... not smart at all. I also have to say that on Tuesday night I thought it was a little extreme how big of a fit they were all throwing for changing trainers... I thought it was about getting healthy... so sometimes switching things up is good... cuz that is how life is.

Kristi said...

Eeeeekk....ok, i read your post until the paragraph that started about the blue team voting someone off....and i quickly stopped reading. i'm heading downstairs in a few minutes to watch it while I exercise. LOL

So, that's cool about your treadmill. It's a great time for you to change up your routine and have a new piece of equipment. So that's awesome!!!!