Monday, October 12, 2009

Adventures in la-la land!

This weekend I almost died. Okay.. not really.. but I felt like I did. I ran 11 miles. BLAH! I didn't eat well the night before and was severely punished for it after completion of my run. Next week it's 12. I hope I REALLY don't die! I recruited a neighbor... I heard she ran a marathon recently so introduced myself while asking her if she wants to run 12 miles with me on Saturday. She is a total trooper and seems excited about it! (Heaven help us both!)
I also have hit a few milestones.
#1 - I hit the 70 lb mark!! Wahoo!!
#2 - I have not seen anything in the 130's in several days. That's right gals... I'm in the 120's and I'm not going back to the 130's EVER again!!
#3 - I discovered something new about my diet. The number of times I eat in a day has a huge impact on my weight. If I eat 1400 calories one day (split into 3 meals) I actually gain BUT if I eat the same calories between 5 or 6 meals, the numbers drop! Crazy I KNOW!! But I'm never hungry and I'm loving my scale lately. Very soon I will be posting a pic with that magic 125 number on it!!!
#4 - I realized that I am FINALLY learning how to eat HEALTHY!! For 9 months I've been on this journey and I've been so busy counting calories, checking carbs etc.. that I haven't learned how to eat healthy, delicious foods! Thanks to Lisa I'm learning how to actually ENJOY food again!! YAY!!!
I'm hoping that I survive this week! It will involve a total of 26 miles of running in the next 5 days!! Umm... is it Friday yet? ;o)


Kelli said...

Congratulation on getting out of the 130's, I can't wait to see that picture on the scale.
I am glad you are learning to love food again...I thought you had been doing that all along. I am so excited you have now lost 70 lbs. In 9 months that is awesome.
My parents and I have been following a book called body for life. In there it teaches you to eat 6 small meals a day. I find when I follow I loose as well. The key is, I find is not to let yourself be hungry. When you eat the right foods your body will thank you. I am glad you know this now. I hope you have a great time with Lisa running the 12 miles. Remember not to kill yourself, Okay!

Spitfire said...

Congratulations on all of your milestones. How wonderful to be out of the 130's!

Melissa said...

Awesome on the milistones!!!

Wendy said...

I need to try splitting my meals up more. You may be on to something there.

Congratulations on running that far. I can only imagine!!

Fugal Family said...

That is awesome. You've been working so hard and it shows. I'd love some of the recipes. Like the sugar free muffins! :)
You help keep me motivated. thanks!

Ellura said...

Well, I think you are just stubborn enough to survive your 12 mile run! :) That is totally awesome that you are staying under 130 and hit the 70 lb loss. You have worked hard to get where you are! Congrats!

Moi said...

I am so proud of you. I think of you and your accomplishments often and your success leads me to make better choices.

WeightWatcher Mama said...

i'm so jealous! but, you sooooooooo deserve to see the 120's! CONGRATS!!!!