Thursday, October 1, 2009


I just wanted to say that I saw Robyn T. at the gym yesterday and she looks incredible! Congrats Robyn. You are one tough gal and I know you will be just as fierce next month.. Seriously girls.. you should all be scared of this girl!!
Elise happens to be my SIL and I'm so happy for her. She is very strong willed and it's only fitting that she would lose 17 lbs if for nothing else then to prove that she can! LOVE YOU ELISE!!
Angela is also my SIL and I am SO excited for her 15 lb loss. She has been at my house on my treadmill DAILY.. walking/running/walking sideways and after that she shreds with Jillian on my TV! Her determination and hardwork is inspiring and it seriously makes me cry just thinking about her doing this!! I told her today that 9 months ago I was bigger than she is now.. 9 months is NOT THAT LONG AGO!! I KNOW that she can do this!! I'm so excited to be a small part of this journey for her and can't wait to share clothes with her! ;o)
And MISTY!! Oh Dear Misty. You better stop acting like you are sucking it up cause 12 lbs is nothing to sneeze at! ;o) Your pics from today are AMAZING!! Seriously, I saw you a month ago and look at you now!! WOWZA!!
Everyone did GREAT this month. I love that people are making healthy changes in their lives and recognizing places they can improve.
Another month, another goal. At some point in the next few weeks I am going to get to my "I'll never be smaller than" goal. When I first started this journey I thought that 125 sounded impossible... but anything smaller than that would be insane. SO 125 was my ultimate goal. (Now that I'm almost there.. I know it is POSSIBLE to be "smaller than" that goal!) I know it will be very symbolic when I get there... can't wait! Watch out girls! I already threatened October!! 120's here I come!!


Ellura said...

hey karilynne - i loved seeing everyones progress - very motivating and fun! I talked to Elise today and she is going to send me the website for the 10 k. Sarah will probably join me in the walk - should be fun. I do plan on being there... I did a 6 mile walk today so should not have a problem with the distance - YEAH a month ago I could barely walk 1.5 miles.

Spitfire said... girls are kicking butt and taking names...and you're doing it together. Awesome. You ladies are a scary bunch to watch out for ;o)