Friday, October 2, 2009

Before Pics

These are the pics I took at the beginning of the competition! Just wanted to post them... I need to take some after pics soon for the month!

Last year I had so much fun with these pictures. A friend would put them side by side for me and the difference was INCREDIBLE!! Can't wait to get some after pics today for the first month. I just hope my friend will make me more side by sides! (HINT HINT!!) I will never forget the first time I did these pics! So humbling. I was determined to never look like that again. I think those pics have helped me to be successful along the way. It was extra accountability for me. Every month I couldn't lie to the camera... and every month I was so excited to see the difference!


Melissa said...

Karilynn, your transformation is AWESOME!! I bet you are SO GLAD to have before and after PICTURES ;)And YES, I will do that for you again...when PS is working! arg.

Tammy said...

Karilynn, you make me proud! You have inspired so many inculding myself!! I am going to bring it this watch out!! ;) hehe