Monday, October 26, 2009

Alive... just barely!

So.. I was able to run my 9 miles on Saturday. It was the only running/exercise I did all week after fighting off that nasty bug... I actually ran it at a decent pace, finishing in 88:31!! YAY!! Unfortunately I was fooling myself if I thought I was cured of my ailment.
Today I went to the trainer who attempted to single handedly murder me. Seriously.. I missed last week cause I was sick so she really tried to stick it to me. Unfortunately, it was very obvious to both of us that I am still not near 100%. I would say I'm closer to 75%! I was incredibly weak today and suffering from shortness of breath which is really not something I deal with often. I still have some congestion in my head and chest. I'm definitely not loving this.
I also was talking to Lisa today about weight gain during the holiday season. She just wrote the cutest post about this topic... HERE's a link if you want to read it! ;o)
Anyway... I'm around... but wishing I were enjoying life a little more. Hope you are all doing fantastic as we enter the LAST WEEK before weigh in!! WOW!! I can't wait to see how you girls have done this month!!! :o)

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Jackie said...

I just have to comment that you look fantastic...I am so excited for you!!! Do you post recipes...I'd love to know what yummy things you are you and again...YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!