Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking a break!

Okay.. so this week I am supposed to run A LOT!! Problem?!? I went to Lisa on Monday who decided to teach me a lesson about my glutes and quads and overcompensation. LESSON LEARNED!! My quads are hashed. I still did my 4 mile run on Monday but was just not sure what my problem was until I woke up on Tuesday to BEYOND SORE Quads. Other parts of my body were sore.. but my quads... umm... we are talking popping ibuprofen every 8 hours!!
If I wasn't going to be running 12 miles on Saturday, I wouldn't really care... BUT... I've been taught that major muscle groups HAVE to recover... and I DESPERATELY want to run my 12 on Saturday without hating myself, the world, or running!! So.. I called my sweet trainer yesterday and asked for her input and she told me NOT to run!!
Hmm... what to do? I was scheduled to run 6 miles yesterday and 4 miles today but I WILL NOT be doing it... per her expert advise. I am replacing it with brisk walking and good stretching and trying to prep my quads for the longest run of my life (TO DATE) and the longest run I will do until my half marathon on November 7th.
I struggled with the decision to do what I know I should. I wonder.. is this an excuse I am feeding into?? I guess I have another lesson to learn here... sometimes what is best for me isn't what I want!! I do take comfort in knowing that I WANT to be running. I also take comfort in knowing that I still have control over my food choices and I will continue to make good choices!! (The next few days, those choices will involve a lot of protein to help repair my muscles!) I'm not celebrating the break by any means.. and I KNOW that I am going to feel AWESOME on Saturday!!


Spitfire said...

Listen to your trainer...Lisa's know what they're talking about..hehe.
Seriously, give your muscles a chance to recover, and you WILL be happy you did. Can't wait to read about your 12 mile run on Saturday. Be good and listen to your trainer Lisa....Your legs will thank you! ;o)

Sarah said...

I think you deserve and need the break. I am so jealous but happy that you are up to so many miles. I hope to be there eventually. I love all your support and comments. Thanks for being there for everyone. Take it easy so you can kick but later.

Kelli said...

If you want to repair your muscles quickly get yourself some whey protein if you haven't already. Your awesome Karilynn and I am glad you are taking the experts advice.