Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is my ADORABLE 2 year old, Dominic! I weighed myself this morning and guess what?? I've lost more than his weight in FAT!!! Seriously... wrap that kid around my middle and that's what I looked like 9 weeks ago!! I couldn't be more excited. :o) This week has been tricky for me. I've changed everything up with my exercise and although I haven't completely changed my diet, I have eliminated and added certain things into my diet based on the recommendation of my friend who is a nutrition expert. (SORT OF!) Seeing smaller numbers on the scale is fantastic! I hope to keep seeing the lbs come off... 1/2 a lb by 1/2 a lb!

I'm also excited to report that after losing more than 23 lbs, my clothes may officially be "too big"! My pants are baggy all over and they button with NO effort and a little slack. I did try on some smaller pants that I had in my drawer the other day but realized that the 12" long waist is just too far from modern to wear in public. They fit though.. which was a lot of fun... but I'm just not used to having my pants button 4 inches above my belly button. I also tried on a shirt that was a Medium yesterday and it looked pretty dang good on me. I put a shirt on that I used to wear all the time... mostly because it was black and didn't cling to my rolls. I couldn't believe how big it was on me and really how UNFLATTERING. I found pics on my cell phone of me wearing it and it couldn't believe how far I've come!

I thought that all my fat was in my middle... but my arms, shoulders, and everything else were equally ginormous!
(Don't mind the retard face. It's amazing how hard it was for me to smile in pics when I knew I looked like a cow!)

My face has also changed a ton in the last couple of months. And I'm excited that I have lost this HUGE cheek thing I had going on!

I'm also very grateful that I have lost my "pregnant" tummy!!

It's amazing how far my stomach used to stick out. I got asked weekly when I was expecting and honestly, it didn't offend me because I DID look pregnant! My sister, who is small and standing next to me on MY right in this pic (your left) has also been working really hard to lose weight and she is down 10 lbs!!! (and probably 4 pant sizes!) I need to get together with her and take some NEW pics with our smaller bodies! ;o) For now... I don't have much to compare these pics to. So for those of you who have seen me recently, you can see how far I've come.
And just for fun... my landlord was driving past me as I brought the mail in the other day and she pulled over just to say "look at you all skinny! You look awesome!LOVED IT!! It's amazing how good it feels when people tell you you are doing a good job. Regardless of what it is you are working hard on!


Kristi said...

Wow, that really puts it in perspective when you posted a pic of your boy and said that's how much weight you've lost! WOW! I love all the other pics too...seeing before pics and how they help motivate you and get you excited about the new you. Great job!!!

Melissa said...

That's just awesome Karilynn! I SO remember how good it felt last year to be doing awesome and losing weight and SEEING the changes! I can't WAIT to see you at the end of this!

Carrie said...

That is so awesome, I so need to be more into this, your such a reminder about what can be accomplished when we set our mind to it! Good job!