Sunday, March 1, 2009


Okay so... yesterday I stepped on the scale and realized I had "officially" lost 20 lbs! February has been a hard month for me but I can't be disappointed that in 7 weeks I've lost 10.3% of my body weight!!! 2 lbs a week is not a bad rate so here's to 2 more pounds by weigh in!

I have had a fun time wearing shirts that have never fit me. I'm not really big on trying things on so I have a few items in my drawers that I bought because of the size that were never flattering. Yesterday I put on this cute little tee with rainbows and my 2 year old was SO impressed! "Mom, where you get the rainbows?" I asked him if he liked it and he was like.. "YEAH!!!" So cute. Then my 7 year old saw me in it and was like "AWESOME SHIRT MOM!" So funny. I think they are so used to seeing me in black that they were shocked to see me in a pink rainbow shirt!

I also got to go running outdoors for the first time yesterday. WOW! I only ran 2 miles but it was amazing to run 2 miles straight and feel fantastic. I want to go again today but we shall see. I have a few people who are willing to run with me so I'm excited to use March as a time to really get ready for the 5k April 4th! I already registered for it! I'm SOOO excited. 100 years ago when I was skinny... (okay it was 10) I ran cross country in high school and I LOVED running for therapeutic purposes. It's so exciting that FINALLY I can do it again.


Melissa said...

kari, you really are awesome! Way to go!!! I just signed up for the 5k so I'll be there with ya!

Vicki said...

That is a major milestone! Congrats! I love running outside too. That is so great you will be doing a 5K soon.

Elise said...

Congrats on the 20 lb mark! You've already had such great success!!!

Katie said...

running outside is awesome! it is my favorite--Yay for nice weather.