Sunday, March 8, 2009

This weekend

So my hubby and I got to spend the weekend at a timeshare in Midway with his family. It was a ton of fun and I was excited that they had a gym! :o) The hardest part for me was the food. There was tons of yummy food EVERYWHERE! Treats, treats and MORE TREATS!! It's one thing to not eat stuff like that when I'm at home because I don't have it around... but this weekend was nuts. I resisted temptation but... I still had a hard time. My mom-in-law planned meals with my diet in mind which was so FANTASTIC!!! I was just terrified to eat food if I didn't know what was in it.

Corn chips? Umm... IDK.. I haven't eaten corn chips! Wheat french bread? IDK is it WHOLE wheat? Whole wheat pancakes... AWESOME but wait.. pancakes without syrup? Hmm... IDK about honey... I know it's raw/organic but.. it has so many carbs. AHHH!!!!

My husband is actually mad at me for being thoughtless this weekend. He got pissed at the number of times I said, "I can't eat that." It's easy to just pass up stuff without saying anything, but when people are pointing out that they've gone out of their way for you... "here have some bread, I didn't butter this part because I didn't know if you could have butter" and I reply... "Oh thanks, but I really can't eat the bread" and they respond that "it's WHEAT" and how do you deal? ... it's hard to not feel like a total JERK!! I mean... I don't eat LOTS of bread. I do eat whole wheat when it fits the meal... like a sandwich, but I don't eat bread as a filler with my meal. AHH!!! Why does it all have to be so complicated?

I do have an AMAZING mom-in-law who really thought about me when she did her shopping this weekend... and I'm afraid I spent the whole weekend coming across as very ungrateful! :o(

One thing I've noticed about dieting is how isolated it makes me feel. I get anxiety about leaving my house because I worry about what I will eat if I leave. Maybe I should have spent the weekend eating whatever was offered to me... but I've worked really hard to lose the weight I have and I would hate to throw ANY of that away.

I have always been an anxious person but, getting fit is supposed to make me feel better about myself... right now, it's making me crazy!


rochelle said...


I bet she'd love it if you sent her a thank you note and told her how thoughtful she was.

Way to stick to your guns, though. I agree...that would be so tough! And congrats on losing almost 23 pounds! It wouldn't have happened if you thought like me and decided that "just this one won't hurt". Keep it up!:)

Nicholette said...

Is this a total lifestyle change? One you plan to keep up forever? If so, you're going to have to let everyone know what you're doing. Otherwise, relax and just eat heathly. We are meant to eat bread/wheat and such, just not excessivly.
I guess because I'm trying to think of my eating habits as long term, I'm not freaking out about eating whole wheat bread and stuff because I know I'm going to do it for the rest of my life. You should not be getting anxiety about what you're going to eat when you leave the house.
Not trying to rag on you, you're doing so much better at loseing weight then me! I'm just trying to think realistically and long term.