Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back from good times!

I just got home after spending 4 days in Utah. It was so fun to be with my family and I even got away with friends one night. It wasn't really challenging to make good food choices, I just had to make VERY REAL CHOICES!! I had to create good options cause they weren't just automatically there.
I had an opportunity to go on a girls night with my sisters and we ended up going to this HUGE trampoline place. Talk about a fantastic workout and a TON of fun! We worked really hard to get pics of us in the air... so so fun!!!

The girls night with friends was definitely fun! This is me with Damon before we went out.. can't you tell he is totally my kiddo?

This is my girls night outfit! Kind of fun stuff!!
So we went out to dinner at a chinese place and I totally embarrassed the girls I was with when I insisted on finding out what the crap I was eating. There were these white noodle things under my chicken and I was umm... not PLEASED! I didn't realize that my chicken wrap was goign to come out with deep fried, puffed up rice! UGH! I had to try to eat around the noodles and then the gals insisted we go to a new DESSERT BAR called "The Chocolate"!! The CHOCOLATE!?!? REALLY?!?!? I actually had to deal with a total social dilemna there. I just didn't know if PASSING on the dessert was really a choice I needed to make. Like was I isolating myself by not just having fun and giving myself a break?!!? As I'm sitting there contemplating if I really am sick in the head for not getting a 600 calorie piece of simple carb/fat packed deliciousness... in walks Tyson from the reality TV show, Survivor. I happen to be a HUGE Survivor fan and although Tyson isn't like a "fan favorite" he is from Utah. So... being from Utah you cheer for your home crowd. I've always enjoyed his crazy antics and was excited to see him back on this all star season! ANYWAY!! It was a fantastic distraction. I stopped focusing on the chocolate drizzled cheesecake and started trying to figure out if it would be "appropriate" to ask to take a pic with him cause HELLO... I HAD TO GET IT FOR MY BLOG!! I didn't really want to bug him while he was out with his friends BUT.. my friend is pretty fearless and got me this great pic opportunity!!

Turns out he's my friends cousin... the thought that he's just Brooke's cousin makes me think hmm... I SHOULD TOTALLY BE ON SURVIVOR!! Maybe that will be my next fun task to take on!!!
I also got an opportunity to workout with Lisa while I was there! I LOVE HER GUTS!! It was awesome, butt kickin' fun times!
Anyway... I'm excited to be home and able to get back on MY track! Hope you guys are doing fantastic! :o)

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Jessica B said...

It was really fun! You so need to send me some of those air pics they rocked!