Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love/hate to love hate you!

So... I've been doing this class with this trainer and I really had no idea what to expect when I paid the money for it. Basically.. we do the same thing every time we go. Kind of frustrating. Like.. I paid a lot of money to continue doing the same thing. Then today she told me I'm doing everything wrong.. which is fine.. I would like to do it right.. but we are on the 4th week doing the same stuff and she just mentioned it. I sort of feel picked on! (She only pointed out one thing I'm doing wrong which I was doing wrong because of the way she was describing it. ) She pointed out that my chest is stronger than my back. Yeah! I got that! THANKS!
I did push myself alot in the class and I ran home after cause I had to drop myself off after soccer practice. Anyway.. I've been really frustrated lately with my workouts and diet. Like I don't know if I'm doing too much or not enough and I just want to feel good with where I'm at.


Moi said...

Oh pookie. I relate to being frustrated. Just know you are awesome.

I would maybe have a talk with your trainer and discuss your frustration. Just think if it was your class and someone was unhappy, would you like someone to tell you?

Just keep with the eat clean. It is a great and easy way. (Saying this I know what a struggle food is and it is a costant battle.)

Spitfire said...

You know, I think you're frustrated mabye because you're not inspired anymore. You need to find something that revs your engines. I don't know, try something bold and new. Try rock climbing. LOL. Seriously tho. There are a LOT of different ways to be active that doesn't involve a 'class' setting or the gym. You also know how to push yourself. So try and mix it up and listen to your body. You don't need to be continuing with the same old same old. Maybe that's why you're frustrated.
Just a thought.

Mindy said...

ok, here i go singing to the chior... :0)

There is value in doing the same thing for a while. each day those involved can improve their form and strength. Once there is proficency with that then moving on to something new and challenging is good to change it up and get the muscles in a whole new way. if you are feeling discouraged maybe up your game a bit. I know you do but make sure you push yourself to the limit. As for the picking on you thing... she's going to! and really she has to. she's got to take what you're doing and push you farther and harder. also, it helps the fatties like me feel better about themselves when the skinny chick isn't perfect. SORRY!!! I think that maybe it's time to set a new goal. something BRAND NEW like, increasing your strength by 10lbs. or soemthing? maybe you need to climb mount everest? ;0)

My final piece of advice: MAKE THE DAMN TEE-SHIRT! LOL!

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