Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just sayin' ;o)

In case you were wondering... my last post is sort of meant to MESS with DEBBIE! ;o) BUT.. since I realize that some people might think I'm insane I just want to clarify. I was not disappointed about the chip.. not a big deal. BUT... the fact that I put it in my mouth without thinking about it is a problem. I want each food choice, GOOD OR BAD, to be a conscious decision!!! I agree that one bite won't make me gain weight BUT one bite generally leads to more bites. I still maintain that the "one bite won't hurt" mentality is detrimental in weight loss! Please oh please... don't buy into it.
One accidental bite is an opportunity to learn.
One intentional bite is an excuse to eat badly because its "just one bite."

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Moi said...

I totally get it. Mindless eating expand the ass, when you are in charge of your eating there is a sence of enlightenment.