Sunday, March 28, 2010


Weekends are hard. Probably because my hubby hates being home so we spend way too much time out and about and EATING out and about. Today I went out on a limb and ordered something with a [wheat] bun (normally I would omit the bun!) and when it came out it had MAYO on it! I went to bring it back and my husband got all annoyed with me... like one blob of mayo isn't gonna kill ya. So I ate that too. Then I got home and figured "what the hell... why not eat this.. and that.. and this... and that.." now I totally understand why people are bulimic. I would LOVE to puke my brains out right now. I feel like crap.
Food is fuel... not an antidepressant. UGH!


- said...

Know the feeling. weekends are brutal. It is so much harder not to eat the things the family eat and once you cave in it somehow makes it "easier" to cave a little more.

Jessica B said...

I am almost worried! I thought you were gonna try the zig zag approach? This could be a zip prepping you for body boot camp tomorrow!

Moi said...

True that sista. Go read my post on addictive food eating. And tell your husband to mind his own plate when eating. Would he care if you were alergic to mayo and you sent it back? I think not. (Please remember I am not married so any marital advice I give is from a single gal - read I have no idea what I am talking about.)