Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Butt Injury

So.. I've been recovering from a butt injury ever since I went trampolining with my sisters! At one point when I went to sit I slipped and hit my coccyx on the edge of a couple of trampolines. Anyway... it has been sore since that day... about 1.5 weeks now. It hasn't stopped me... but it's pretty damn funny when I "forget" and go to do something without thinking about it. WOWZA! People think I just randomly like to say potty words when I sit down. BWAH HA HA!

As for exercise and food and weight loss? Yesterday I had a different kind of kick in the ass when I went to weigh in at the gym for that body fat percentage test. Basically... it said I had no change... which is pretty frustrating, especially because I CAN SEE HUGE CHANGES IN MY BODY!! The scale also said I had gained but I KNOW I have lost... like.. my scale at home said I weighed MORE than their scale said I did at the beginning of the comp but yesterday my scale was 3 lbs less than their scale! WTH?!?!? I had to find comfort in the truth... that the scale they use to determine BF% is NOT a definite and fairly inaccurate [basically those types of mechanisms are incredibly finicky.. the difference could be where you are standing on the scale... plus it took her like 4 times attempting to make it work before I could even stand on the stupid thing!]. I scheduled an appointment for a hydrostatic body fat test next Saturday... and I can't RUN from those results!

The most frustrating thing about the weigh in yesterday was the way the trainer that weighed me in approached my results. Basically she told me that I MUST NOT BE EATING ENOUGH! REALLY?!?! She acted like I'm incredibly active and should eat more but then last night at nutrition and again today at SPINN she kept going on and on about how many people were complaining and that none of them were working hard enough to complain and that you get the results you put in and I'm like... REALLY?!??! I'm at the gym every damn day... she just kept giving me the impression that she thinks I don't work hard in the same 24 hours that she said I am incredibly active. I'M STUMPED!

On a lighter note I decided to see where I'm at! I made a chart of my prescheduled workouts for the next month... This week I'm going to track all of my calories AND wear my heartrate monitor for ALL of my workouts to see exactly how many additional calories I'm burning on any given day. I'm going to revamp my food and try a zig-zag approach to eating. (Basically I'm going to increase my calories on days I burn a TON!) I also am going to up my protein intake. I know I need to do some serious strength training but really have nowhere to put it this month.

Bottom line.. I'm VERY BUTT HURT!! Today is a new day and I am more than prepared to CONTINUE TO BRING IT!!


Moi said...

Scales sometimes suck. I am a firm believer that they are not a true representation of our progress (of course I can say that a lot calmer to you than when I rant about it).

You kick ass. Continue to kick ass and eventually the scale will say it too.

Spitfire said...

Sorry about your butt! *squints* yep, that IS an odd thing to say, LOL.
On your results...could it be that you are over training? And personally, I think your trainer doesn't know much. Take a look at you for one thing! Take a look at how active you ARE! She must not know her stuff if she thinks you're not active enough. But I do personally think that you could be overdoing it. (Gabriel Method, Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint would say so). It's just a thought.
And I'm at a loss why your weight means anything to you now anyway. You are totally at goal, so why does it matter any more and why be concerned about your body fat percentage? There comes a time where you just have to say 'I'm there' and do the activity to maintain, and for fun. Just sayin'. Having said that, Love You, and don't let your trainer befuddle you anymore. You know what's up. Go with that! xo

Mindy said...

Kari, you should google a "bod pod" and see who in your area has one. that's the test that i got to do up on base. the are supposed to be the most accurate short of underwater testing and they're way faster and very simple. those scales are really really really picky. if you see changes i'd believe those before i believe one of those scales