Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Okay.. I LOVE the Biggest Loser! Seriously love it! Last night was the first night of the new season and it was so crazy to me. I've never sat there and watched it from this mind frame, I used to be a skeptical critic who identified with the people at the start. I totally understood how they got that way... how hard life is... and knew that they had some great advantage over me by being at the ranch. Something that I would never have (unless I gained 50 lbs and got on the show!) I realized though that there was a common denominator in the ginormous being of these individuals. EXCUSES!!!

These people are not unique! They are beautiful people who piled a crap load of excuses onto their spoons and ate it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 20 snacks during the day. Excuses like:
Life is hard.
Life is busy.
It's too hard to lose weight.
It's too hard to exercise.
It's too hard to diet.
It's too expensive to eat healthy.
I'll do it when I turn 40! (Okay this was one of the guys on the show... SERIOUSLY!?!?!? wHEN YOU ARE 40?!?!? WHy don't you just wait and do it after you die?!)
Another EXCUSE... I'm an emotional eater.

We are all in this boat because we let our excuses dictate our lives. Isn't it time we throw all the damn excuses away and admit to our problem?? How bout saying, "I have no self control?" "I don't value myself enough to care." Or, I LIKE FOOD MORE THAN ME!!

The truth. I was fat because I didn't care enough to do the work. I was fat for 10 years because it was never a priority to be smaller. I was happy that way.

I tell women all the time that when they start a weight loss program, people EXPECT them to fail. It's true. They want you to succeed but they KNOW you're not gonna!! Mindy just posted about the fire she has found, the fire that you will see with the contestants on the Biggest Loser. My response: "I tell girls that when you start a weight loss goal, people expect you to fail. REALLY!! THEY DO!! I think that when we "diet" without the fire it is because we too.. expect ourselves to fail. That fire is your mind saying... THIS IS IT!! I'M DOING IT THIS TIME!! Screw trying... I WILL really succeed!! "

You want the fire. Then make the decision. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Take it and use it to become a new you!


Spitfire said...

Absolutely! That's absolutely, exactly true. That's practically what I was yelling at the show when Dans partner, (the biggest girl) wanted to quit. "Forget all about your mom and the crappy life you had..suck it up chicky and take your life back!"

I made a post on WLW too. It's like Abby says "Death is easy, Life is harder. But I get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other, and I'm here at the ranch, and I lost 15 pounds. I'm doing this thing." If anyone had the ultimate excuse, she did. She could continue to hide from life, from the pain, or she could take her life back, and live.

The fire is exactly what people lack. The fire is why I'm on day 93 of gluten-free/sugar-free, and day 72 of consecutive daily exercise. The fire is why I WILL NOT STOP until I gain my freedom from this fat. Screw 'will power'. It makes me teeth curl when I hear that people lack 'will power'. How about "MIND POWER"? Use your mind...make your mind up, and then stick to it. I made excuses too...but happily, I've taken my head out of my nether regions, and I'm owning up to it, and owning my life!


Moi said...

You hit the nail on the head. You need to want to change. If it was easy, everyone would be skinny!!

I liken my love of food with a crack addict’s addiction. They think they need to smoke 5 bowls a day (or at least that is what they say on the Intervention show) to function, I think I need to eat poutine and cheese cake to be happy. Ridiculous!!

Just like any other kind of addiction, you need some sort of strategy to help you through the bad time AND you need to stop with the blame game. So no one liked you when you were little, nothing you can do about it now except for put the spoon down (crake or ice cream spoon) and start getting on with the good life now.

Melissa said...

Aman sista!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

i'm kind of diggin the "flat n fast" highlight ;o) lemme know what u think!!!!

Vicki said...

Love you girl!

Kelli said...

You tell them Karilynn, and thanks for the rundown of the show. I didn't know it was on last night. I guess I better put it in my DVR. Part of what I am doing is not watching endless hours of television. I make exceptions for true real life like t.v. But I do not watch them as they air anymore. And yes that includes Ellen. I will be watching the biggest loser as well so thank you for keeping me informed. :)